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Airflow Adroit DV96 DIY Kit

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Airflow Adroit DV96 DIY Kit
Price From:
£3,082.80 including VAT Excluding VAT £2,569.00

  • Passive House Approved 

  • High quality unit from Airflow 

  • Optional LED Controller

  • Phone or Tablet Controlled

If you require a higher point kit than is provided, please contact us via Phone or Email.

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Price From:
£3,082.80 including VAT Excluding VAT £2,569.00


Airflow Adroit DV96 Heat Recovery Kit

Complete DIY Kit of a Airflow Adroit DV96 MVHR unit and comes in Radial Ducting (Recommended), Solid Rigid PVC, Galvanised Steel Ducting.

Our Comprehensive DIY Kits have everything you should require to install a top-quality Heat recovery system to building control regulations  

This kit can be provided from a 8 Point Kit to a 12 Point Kit. (Inquire about other sizes for this kit through Phone or Email)

Main Kit Features:

  • Very popular and cost efficient Heat recovery unit from Airflow with control from your phone/technology, Ideal for developers and home builders requiring a quality unit at an economical cost

  • Kits can be bought with the option of 3 different types of ducting, Radial, Solid rigid PVC, or Galvanised Steel Ducting. All ducting types will provide a quiet and efficient system that is suitable for any competent or trades-person to easily install  
  • All products in kits can be changed to suit your specific needs
  • Free delivery to UK Mainland or Ireland address, Worldwide Delivery is available 
  • Free Technical support by our in-house technical team (multiple telephone lines)
  • Free design service, Our In-house designers can provide a easy to follow plan to building control standards with required air flow rates
  • Commissioning, We have a network of commissioning engineers or we can supply you with a DIY air meter including a commissioning guide 
  • Installation, The systems are suitable for any competent person to install but we also have a large network of installers if required throughout the UK and Ireland if required
  • Kits and products are in stock ready for delivery
  • Any products not required can be returned for full refund (excluding return delivery cost)
  • Any extra products required will be discounted to the Kit Price (excluding delivery)
  • Price Guarantee - We will guarantee the lowest cost for this top quality system

Airflow Adroit DV96 Heat Recovery Unit - 90000576

DV96 Adroit is a ventilation unit with state-of-the-art technology suitable for small or medium sized houses up to 150 m2. Designed to provide essential ventilation and to save you money through its intelligent heat recovery facility, this system provides a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for residential applications.

Control your indoor air environment at home or on the go via the Adroit 'Cloud' by smartphone, tablet, or PC. Having the latest, low energy EC fan technology, the DV96 Adroit complies with the ErP 2016 and the proposed ErP 2018 standards.

The unit comes with an outstanding 5 years warranty*, is SAP Appendix Q eligible.


  • Up to 90% Heat recovery
  • Counterflow heat exchanger (pvc)
  • Max Air flow 345 m3/h
  • 320 m3/h @100pa
  • Suitable for houses with Max floor area of 150m2
  • Specific fan power as low as 0.92 wls
  • Sound level 24 to 45 @3m db(a)
  • Dimensions LxDxH (mm) 600 x 430 x 545
  • Duct diameter 4x125mm
  • Weight 53kg
  • Wall or floor mounted
  • Filtration 2x G4 and 1xF7 pollen
  • Frost protection  
  • Smart Pre / Post heater 900 watt
  • Optional LED controller with all required functions (full details on catalog download)
  • 100%  Adjustable air flow rates by LED controller
  • 5 year warranty- Fans 1 year
  • Sap Appendix Q rated , 
  • Passive house approved
  • TUV tested (german standard)
  • Left hand side version available (external pipes to LHS)
  • Construction -twin wall coated galvanised steel


  • Supply and extract air ventilation with heat recovery
  • Galvanised steel, powder coated double-skin casing
  • Auto cut-out switch for extra safety
  • BMS connection via MODBUS or KNX (optional)
  • Boost operation with timer On demand control via room or duct sensor options
  • Complies with the NHBC criteria and ErP 2016 standards
  • SAP Appendix Q listed.
  • Meets building regulations
  • Optional LCD digital controller with four independent environmental profiles
  • Optional manual four speed controller
  • Optional smart frost protection
  • Optional built-in electric post heater

Airflow Adroit house image


The DV96 Adroit includes an easily removable, plastic heat exchanger which transfers warmth from the outgoing waste airstream into the incoming fresh air with thermal efficiency up to 90%. At no point do the airstreams mix.

The DV96 Adroit unit is designed with a unique triple filter facility including a F7 pollen filter which provides additional protection against invisible, harmful particles and creates an ultra hygienic environment, particularly relevant for those suffering from asthma or other respiratory conditions.

All the supply/exhaust air filters (2 x G4, 1 x F7) as well as the heat exchanger and fans can be easily maintained via the front access door. To assist this process the maintenance indicator alerts the user for maintenance at a pre-set time interval.


The EPH models have a internal 900 watt electric post heater and smart frost protection


An optional digital controller which incorporates four independent environmental profiles, weekly ventilation programming, and full internet control at home or on the go via the Adroit 'Cloud' for separate fan control for easy commissioning and the optional smart frost protection facility which significantly reduces the energy consumed to protect the heat exchanger from freezing during the winter season.

When fitted with an optional electric post-heater, the unit keeps the indoor air temperature at the required level thanks to the built-in temperature sensors. The unit is also equipped with an automatic, 100% bypass facility which fully isolates the heat exchanger at the pre-defined temperature and helps to effectively maintain a temperate indoor air climate during the summer months.

On-demand ventilation can be achieved by using optional external humidity and CO2 sensors which boost the air volume gradually based on the moisture and occupancy levels in the dwelling. It is also possible to integrate the unit into a Building Management System via the MODBUS or the optional KNX converter to monitor and control unit’s functions by a central control system.


The DV96 Adroit is made of a galvanised steel housing unit which is powder coated both internally and externally to ensure high durability and meet the hygiene requirements. The robust double-skin casing includes 20mm insulation, this avoids any thermal bridging which minimises condensate build-up in the unit and significantly absorbs the fan noise.

Also an auto cut-out switch is fitted which immediately cuts the power off as soon as the front cover is removed providing full safety during unit maintenance.

BPC Ventilation are leading designers and distributors of Quality home ventilation solutions and provide full technical and customer support throughout the UK and Europe

We can also design a bespoke solution if you send us a set of plans in any format to info@bpcventilation.com

Benefits of working with BPC Ventilation

  • In-House design service
  • Largest range of heat recovery systems
  • Technical support including Live chat
  • Specialists in easy to install DIY systems
  • All products in stock in our own warehouse
  • Large Showroom with working units on display
  • Free Delivery to any UK Mainland or Ireland Location
  • Delivery also available to any worldwide location  
  • Installer network throughout the UK and Ireland
  • Authorised suppliers and distributors for all products
  • All systems comply to all the latest building control regulations
Technical Specification

Technical Specification tab

Technical Specification for Radial Ductings 


DescriptionPart No6pt7pt8pt9pt10pt11pt12pt13pt14pt15pt16pt17pt
125mm Airflow pvc extract valve90000340333445556677
125mm Airflow pvc supply valve900003393455667889910
150mm pipework x 1 meterP150-1888888888888
150mm pipe connectorC150444444444444
150mm 90' bendsB90150101010101010101010101010
Silencer 150 x600ASM150600111111111111
Metre foil backed glass fibre insulationINS22444444444444
150mm exterior grille S/steel louvered CowlSSC150222222222222
10m roll 150mm insulated flexible ductingIFD150111111111111
Roll silver foil tapeST50222222222222
Roll builders strap 10 meterBS50222222222222
Sealant - grey ductSE380111111111111
Jubilee clip 100-170mm (Pack of 10)JC160111111111111
2 meter Overflow pipe with 5 bendsOP22111111111111
75mm x 50 Metre Radial pipe (Quiet-Vent Red)QV75PR222334445566
90` plenum round pipe  (Quiet-vent)QVPLEN9067891011121314151617
sealing ring (pack of 10)QV75SR222222233333
10 Pt Distribution box 160 center spigotQV16064MC2222222     
14 Pt Distribution box 160 center spigotQV160104MC       22222
Adaptor for Distribution box 160-150ADP160150222222222222

Technical Specification for Solid Rigid PVC Ducting 

DescriptionPart No8pt9pt10pt11pt12pt13pt
125mm metal extract valveMW1248910111213
125mm pipework x 1 meterP125-1607070808090
125mm pipe connectorC125151717202022
125mm 90' bendsB90125151719212224
125mm T pieceT125455667
150mm pipework x 1 meterP150-1202030304040
150mm pipe connectorC15055771010
150mm 90' bendsB90150101010111213
150mm T pieceT150223344
150mm to 125mm reducerR150125566778
Silencer 150 x600ASM150600222222
Metre foil backed glass fibre insulationINS22404550556065
150mm exterior grille S/steel louvered CowlSSC150222222
10m roll 150mm insulated flexible ductingIFD150111111
Roll silver foil tapeST50445566
Roll builders strap 10 meterBS50222333
Sealant - grey ductSE380223344
Jubilee clip 100-170mm (Pack of 10)JC160111111



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