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Airflow Geothermal Heat Exchanger

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Airflow Geothermal Heat Exchanger
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Airflow Geothermal Heat Exchanger


A Brine Geothermal heat exchanger or Ground - Water Heat Exchange uses a network of pipes that are laid underground, typically at a depth of 1.5m to 2m and are designed to enhance the efficiency of a Heat Recovery system

geothermal MVHR

How does a brine Geothermal system work

A network of brine (salty water) filled pipes are buried at a depth of approx 1.5 meters and connect to the air intake of a heat recovery ventilation system via a heat exchanger.

The geothermal ducts use the energy stored in the ground. At a depth of 1 - 2 meters, the ground temperature in the UK varies between +8 and +12 ºC depending on the season and on the soil type. By using the relatively stable temperature at this, the efficiency of the ventilation system is greatly improved

 This provides a source of heating or cooling for a building. As an example, if in the winter months the outside temperature is -5ºc, the ground temperature is +8ºC, the incoming air to the house from the earth ducts could be around +4ºC. Conversely, in the summer where the outside temperature is 28ºc, whilst the ground temperature is +12ºC, the air into the house could be a more comfortable +16ºC.

The benefits Reduce heating costs by pre-warming the air in winter Pleasant cooling effect in summer, reducing the need for air-conditioning Improvement of the air quality in the building through duct and pollen filters

The Benefits over ground to air systems is that no contaminants of mould or bugs can enter the ventilation system and does not require a service pipe or drains to clear outside the property


Our Comprehensive Kit Consists Off

- Brine to air heat exchanger

- Hydraulic kit: Brine pump (230V), automatic protection against reverse flow, temperature gauges for supply and return,

- Pressure expansion tank -12 litres,

- Thermostat module

- Terminal box,

- Operation switch

- Under soil hose (100 running mtrs) set with screw connections

-Ethylene glycol (20l)

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