BPC Ventilation are the pioneers for Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) Kits. We are the leading supplier of heat recovery kits, providing top-quality ducting systems with heat recovery units from leading ventilation manufactures. Our kits allow you to complete your project within budget and guarantee that your system is of the best quality. Our systems will provide you with the quietest, most efficient heat recovery systems available.

We have kits that suit all budgets and applications!

 Our range of kits include:

- Basic Radial Ducting Kit

- Standard Radial Ducting Kit

Premium Solid Rigid PVC Ducting Kits

Our MVHR kits contain:

Along with your choice of MVHR unit, we also supply the best quality ducting systems with everything you require to fit your system. Kits also include:

Heat Recovery Units

At BPC we have a large range of units from leading manufactures. All our units are high quality and we have units for all specifications and applications. We have a large range of MVHR units for domestic applications from leading manufactures including:

- Vent Axia 
- Airflow
- Xpelair
- Nuaire
- Caladair
- Vortice
- Quiet-Vent
- Blauberg

As well as heat recovery units for domestic applications we also have a wide range of units for commercial premises from top manufacturers such as:

- Caladair 
- Blauberg
- Mitsubishi
- Vent-Axia
- Quiet-Vent
- Vortice


Each element of ducting is specified for your bespoke system, guaranteeing that your system will work to the its best ability. Each kit is created to suit each individual project, and if purchasing a kit online each kit has been carefully constructed will all fittings and elements matching to ensure the system will work correctly.

All MVHR kits include air valves, all pipe and ducting required, connecters & bends, silencers, plenums, distribution boxes, grilles, insulation and sealing rings. Kits also contain necessary fixings and fittings such as silver foil tape, builders strap, sealant and cables ties that will be required to fit an MVHR system.

How to purchase a BPC Kit

There are two ways to purchase an MVHR kit from us. The first way is to purchase your system through our website that lets you pick the unit you would like, and a kit based on the rooms in your house. Each of our units have technical specifications and will outline what size of house each unit are suitable for. Our units and kits have an itemised list in their description so that you can see what every kit contains. Alternatively you can chat with our sales and technical teams to ensure you pick the correct unit and correctly sized kit before purchasing from our website.

Another way to purchase an MVHR kit from us, is to send us your plans and we will create a proposal tailored directly to your project. After this, you can choose to have your ventilation system designed. Your system will be designed by our professional in-house CAD designers, your plan will include the duct runs and placement of valves, placement of unit and airflow rates allowing ease of installation.

Send us your plans for a ventilation proposal and one of our team will be in touch with you soon.

If requesting a design for your system, there is a £100 (+VAT) retainer fee for domestic systems. For commercial systems the retainer fee is £200 (+VAT). We can design for smaller scale commercial projects, if you require commercial design please contact us. When purchasing your system, the retainer fee will be deducted from your final costs.

Upgrade Your System

Designer Air Valves – if you wish, you can upgrade the air valves in your system to designer air valves or fire rate valves if preferred.

Duct Heaters – you can upgrade your system by adding a duct heater that works with frost control and provides additional heat in cold conditions.

Geothermal Kits – an addition that provides free heating and cooling to your MVHR system.

Roof Vents – if preferred, you can upgrade your wall cowls to roof vents.

Commissioning – we can commission your system for you via one of our trusted installers. Alternatively, we can advise you in how to hire and air meter and you would be able to commission your system yourself.

What are the Benefits of a BPC MVHR kit?

At BPC we offer a large range of services when buying a MVHR Kit with us:

Ease of installation – our MVHR systems can be installed with ease by any competent person or trades person. Due to the design of a radial ducting system, there is 80% less fittings which can largely reduce installation time.

Installation – if you require installation, we have a large network of installers that can install your system for you. Our installers are based all around the UK and Ireland. If you require installation, please contact our sales team or fill in our online installation form.

Top quality – our radial ducting is airtight, antibacterial lined, crushproof and doesn’t require joiners. This ducting is designed to last the lifetime of a building and it is worth investing in a high-quality system.

Design Service – our trained professional in house designers provide you with a specific plan.

Technical Support – at BPC we offer end to end support from the beginning of your project.

Installation Manual – Each one of our systems comes with a BPC installation guide which outlines how to install your ducting system. Each MVHR unit will come with a manufacture’s unit installation manual.

Knowledge Centre – our website provides a knowledge centre which contains information on our kits, units, and systems. Our knowledge centre also has technical data sheets, installation information, frequently asked questions, product catalogues and product videos.

Price Match Guarantee – we guarantee that if you find an identical system cheaper, we will match the price!

Contact Us

If you require any more information on our MVHR kits or systems, please call us! Contact our sales and technical team on 028 2827 5150 for more information on ventilating your home or check out our Knowledge Centre for further information!