MVHR systems can supply effective ventilation no matter what the outdoor temperature is.

Winter: In cooler seasons and climates, the system can recover the heat from extracted air and transfer it to the supply air so that the habitable rooms in your home are being supplied with fresh and filtered air with recovered heat

Summer: In warmer weather most, units now feature a summer bypass which means that the unit will bypass the heat recovery aspect so that the heat is not transferred into the incoming air.

Summer Cooling: It is important to know that standard MVHR ventilation systems work to improve your indoor air quality but cannot supply cooler air to the home than what is available from outside although they can work to cool your home and prevent overheating via features such as a summer bypass and additional extras available such as the Quiet-Vent Comfort Cooler.


Solar Gain: Is when heat is generated by the sun normally with glazing in the home and is the most common issue for overheating

Thermal Mass: Is when the building itself stores heat for a long period of time and would take a lot of cooling to cool the area down

Opening windows and doors and leaving windows open is not normally enough to prevent over heating or to provide adequate ventilation.

Features of MVHR That Help Keep Buildings Cool:

A MVHR system is recommended over single fans or natural forms of ventilation such as opening doors and windows as you have a controlled form of ventilation allowing you to increase or decrease the speed as required

Purge ventilation: purge is intended to ensure that any build-up of pollutants or heat can be quickly evacuated. Purge ventilation may not be the best solution for overheating in summer as it would need to be controlled manually or by triggering through sensors which can have extra energy use and noise implications.

If you experience unusually high outdoor temperatures and your home is too hot, it is recommended that you ‘summer purge’. This is standard practice in hot climates.

Controls: it is common that MVHR systems have boost control. Controlling ventilation systems has a small part to play in reducing summer overheating but must be weighed against the hassle of limiting occupant interaction and noise levels.

Summer By-Pass: It is recommended that all new MVHR ventilation systems are supplied with a summer bypass. A summer by-pass will open and allow the incoming air to bypass the heat exchanger automatically when the temperature of the extracted air reaches a certain temperature. This will allow the incoming air to be the same temperature as the outside air.

To properly make use of your system we recommend during the hot days that you close your windows and increase the fan speed on your control panel to increase ventilation.

Quiet-Vent Comfort Cooler

The Quiet-Vent Comfort Cooler is an easy to install system that will cool the air being supplied to your home via home ventilation system. It is an air tempering device designed to help reduce the risk of overheating in homes. This is the only cooling system that can be fitted and retrofitted to any new or existing MVHR system!

The unit is designed to cool the incoming air to the MVHR unit by an average of 10 degree with a cooling capacity of 1.7kw making it ideal for comfort cooling during warm sunny days

The Quiet-Vent Comfort Cooler is suitable to be installed with any make or model of home ventilation system and is supplied in two parts: The Comfort Cooler and a Cooling Coil.

The Comfort Cooler is positioned near your ventilation unit supplying chilled water to the Cooling Coil. The Cooling Coil is installed on the main air supply ducting, chilling the air being supplied to your home. 

Check out the Quiet-Vent Comfort Cooler listing.

It unfortunately is not designed for properties that suffer from high levels of Solar Gain or High thermal mass as the cooling capacity may be overwhelmed 

An example of this would be if your home is comfortable on normal days with a spike in temperature during warm weather the unit is suitable

If you have large solar gain or thermal mass and the house is uncomfortable most of the year and unbearable during warm weather, then we would recommend a complete AC system

Komfovent RHP Units

RHP units have 5 in 1 control, providing the perfect indoor microclimate. Komfovent RHP units provide ventilation, cooling, and supplementary heating. Komfovent units are suitable for domestic and commercial premises.

We highly recommend these units for someone only looking for the best as this new range of innovative units with integrated heat pump. This unit range is most advance and superior with its two-stage energy recovery by rotary heat exchanger and heat pump, there is no other unit available like this. Units are suitable for all climates and countries.

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