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How to Improve Air Quality in the Home

How to Improve Air Quality in the Home

Unfortunately, due to the great British weather we spend considerable amounts of time indoors. Therefore, good air quality is essential to you and your family’s health.

When we talk about poor air quality in the home what we mean is smoke, bacteria, mould and carbon monoxide and this is all due to the lack of ventilation in homes.

If you want to ventilate your home most of us open windows and doors which lets the heat escape not to mention causing risk to your home security.

A heat recovery system basically brings the outdoor air inside and recovers the heat. This ensures your home receives, fresh, filtered air without pollen, dust and insects. As homes have become more insulated over the years this has led to a build-up of toxic gases within our homes. Problems such as condensation and mould can become significant and cause health concerns like Asthma.

Dealing with damp and mould can be costly but by acting early and installing a ventilation system this will prevent the build-up of humidity and vastly improve the indoor air quality. Not only will this in turn improve the health of your family, but it will have a positive impact on the fabric of your house.

At BPC Ventilation we offer design, supply and if required installation of home ventilation systems, both in the UK and around the world. Whatever your requirement, budget or setting, BPC can provide the solution you need. The systems BPC offer will help to make your property as eco-friendly as possible using demand energy recovery ventilation and heat recovery (HRV) (MVHR) which adhere to the Code for Sustainable Homes.

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