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Are Heat Recovery and Ventilation Systems Worth It?

Are Heat Recovery and Ventilation Systems Worth It?

Are Heat Recovery and Ventilation Systems Worth It? Find out more info here►

Are Heat Recovery and Ventilation Systems Worth It?

The demand for well insulated houses has significantly grown in the last decade. This in turn has caused poorer air quality which can significantly increase the effects of asthma and other respiratory problems, health problems, condensation, mould, dust mites, unpleasant smells and build-up of toxic gases. If you want to reduce your heating costs, have a constant supply of fresh, filtered air in your home, no mould, mildew or condensation then a heat recovery system is for you.

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If you are building a new house, there is no doubt that a heat recovery system can offer substantial savings on your heating bills. A heat recovery system could recover up to 90% of the normally wasted heat and reduce your heating requirements by up to 25%. Your initial investment could be paid back within five years. Of course, factors like the air tightness of your property must come into the equation but an office with a heat exchanger of above 80% efficiency would save approximately 30% of a heating loads, also mention that the cost to run these systems is around 10 p per day.

Under the right circumstances there’s no doubt that a heat recovery system can produce great benefits for reducing the amount of heat and energy you use which means recycling a significant percentage so that little goes to waste. Whether the current building is suitable for a heat recovery system will depend on the structure of the building. If it is a new build that is air tight a heat recovery system can show significant savings.

A ventilation system normally would be installed in somewhere out of the way like the attic and pipes then fed down to each individual room drawing out stale air and replacing it with fresh air. The way a heat recovery does this is by taking the heat that is currently indoors and passes it onto the new air coming in from outside.As new-builds are starting to come with this sort of technology it means that they would benefit greatly and particularly where are offices are concerned they would benefit greatly form a heat recovery system. For an older property retro-fitting is entirely possible but it comes with a big caveat, older houses are less airtight then newer buildings and to get the benefits from a heat recovery system you really need to have all source of heat loss covered.

How a mechanical heat recovery system (MVHR) works is by taking the heat from the air leaving the building by using a heat-exchanger in the roof. What this does is pass the incoming fresh air which is then pumped around the building. If you are looking to achieve Passivhaus levels of air tightness, then a MVHR is a must. Within older buildings that have a persistent issue with dampness and mould, MVHR units are a blessing that will help eliminate these ongoing issues.


To get the most out of your heat recovery system we recommend that the building is reasonably airtight and weatherproofed, but we have successfully installed systems from period houses to castles treating indoor air quality, damp, mould and condensation issues which cannot be treated with the usual damp prevention methods. These properties will not achieve over 80% heat recovery due to air leakage, but the quality of living was drastically improved and were well worth the investment in a heat recovery systems.

Before You Consider a Heat Recovery System

things to consider

There are many aspects to take into consideration before you invest in a heat recovery system. Before you consider investing into a system you should take into consideration a few of these points:

  • Do you have cavity wall insulation?
  • How much heat is being lost through the floor?
  • Do you have the right grade of double glazing?
  • How is your roof insulated?

It is always a good idea assess what your current situation is before you start installing a new heat recovery system, if you require any help we here at BPC are always happy to help with any enquiry that you may have so get in touch with any queries you may have.

Benefits of Home Ventilation Systems

A home that has been well designed and installed a home ventilation system will offer good ventilation by continuously replacing air throughout the building. If dampness is a main concern, address the source of the moisture problem before considering ventilation systems. You will often be able to address the source of moisture yourself without having to invest in a ventilation system.

Some of the key aspects of making sure that you get the most out of your ventilation system rely heavily on certain conditions that need to be met. If you are trying to ventilate your home, then certain factors need to be considered. If you are trying to ventilate your home by opening windows you may be ventilating your home to a certain extent, but you are then allowing cold unfiltered air to pass through. If you decide to you use extractor fans to vent to the outside of the building, they will solely act as a direct draft as they only extracting air and if it’s not powered on its basically a hole for air to get into your building.

Dampness promotes mould and dust mites into your home which can cause respiratory problems, whilst ventilation systems reduce the symptoms of the problem they also help filtrate the air in and out of your home. Some of the symptoms of dampness are easily detectable, some them being:


  • Musty smells
  • Damp or mouldy clothing
  • Mould forming behind furniture, pictures etc.
  • Mould stains or water marks
  • Rotting Wood

Note that condensation on windows (especially in bathrooms) doesn’t necessarily show signs of excessive dampness as this mainly occurs during winter. A home ventilation system helps eradicate these issues as it works by taking the damp moist air out of the room and filters it to outside and circulates clean fresh air back into the building.

One of the key features of ventilation and heat recovery systems is that you can control the ventilation throughout your building. Within the UK and Ireland, a major concern is far too much uncontrolled ventilation and very little controlled ventilation.

Uncontrolled ventilation is where you would have natural ventilation in your building which you can’t turn on or off, for example draughts around windows, pipes and outside services would contribute to uncontrolled ventilation. Some systems are different than others, so they are greater controllers of controlled ventilation by making a controlled number of air changes per hour or per minute.

 What We at BPC Can Do for Youwhat we can do for you

Here at BPC we strive for excellence in every job we undertake and with a team of highly trained experts, we are here to help you improve your indoor air quality and heat your home. With a vast range of products and all the technical help you need we always ensure that you receive the best solution to suit your home or building. Not only do we give expert advice but we can help with the design of your project if so required.

Our ethos is to supply the highest quality MVHR systems direct to the public for less cost than was ever available before.

Discover the largest range of ventilation products from the leading brands that are designed to be quick and easy installed by any DIY person or tradesperson. We can also offer an installation service when required.

BPC Ventilation are leading designers, suppliers and if required installers of home ventilation systems, both in the UK and around the world. Whatever your requirement, budget or setting, BPC Ventilation can provide the solution you need. From heat recovery ventilation, extraction fans for the home, to multiple room extraction solutions, our wide HVAC range features a product for every air handling purpose. Our systems will help you to make your property as eco-friendly as possible using demand energy recovery ventilation and heat recovery (HRV) (MVHR). Mechanical extract systems are also available to aid new sustainable building projects to adhere to the Code for Sustainable Homes.

We provide one of the largest ranges of ventilation solutions from world leading manufacturers Vent Axia, Airflow, Xpelair, Nuaire and our own home brand Quiet-Vent. This allows us to design a bespoke system using the correct products to provide a quiet and efficient system and we do not under spec products to cut initial costs.

DIY Kits – We specialise in the highest quality heat recovery ventilation kits suitable for any competent tradesperson or home owner to install. Our kits will provide a quiet and efficient ventilation system. Using the latest developments in ventilation technology, we can supply the kits either by a pre-designed kit with material quantities provided by over thousands of previously provided kits on our website (ideal for property renovations or small/medium sized houses) or by a bespoke designed and supplied kit by you providing plans for our designers to work from.

Design Service – Our in-house design service can provide detailed plans. We accept plans supplied in almost any format including CAD, PDF and PNG. Using these plans and with close contact with the owner or builder we can complete a full set of detailed plans indicating pipe runs, Air flow rates and location of all components.

Technical Support – BPC Ventilation provide free technical support by our own fully trained technicians on all products sold from us by either Live chat, e-mail and telephone conversation for the duration of the installation and beyond ensuring that all systems are operating correctly.

Installation – If installation is required we have several in-house installers and a very large network of fully trained and experienced installers throughout the UK and Ireland. This allows peace of mind that no matter where you live we should be able to install any of the heat recovery systems for you.

Premises –our new large premises are located beside a harbour with direct access to major motorways and the airport is only 20 miles away. Our premises consist of a large showroom, offices, and distribution warehouse, car parking for over 20 vehicles and loading areas for articulated lorries.

Heat Recovery Ventilation (MVHR) (HRV) - A whole house heat recovery unit (MVHR) is an energy efficient ventilation system that extracts the moist, stale air from all your wet rooms and at the same time replaces it with fresh filtered air to all your habitable rooms without letting the heat escape. 


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