Summer is here, and it's the perfect time to upgrade your home's ventilation system with BPC Ventilation's exciting summer kickoff! We are thrilled to offer a site-wide 10% discount with the code SUMMER10.

Alongside this fantastic offer, we are also introducing the latest innovations in our product line: the new Duco MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) and MEV (Mechanical Extract Ventilation) units. Designed to enhance the air quality in your home or business while being energy efficient, these systems are now available at an introductory discount, making this the ideal time to invest in superior air management solutions.

Innovative Features of Duco MVHR Units

Our new Duco MVHR units are at the forefront of ventilation technology, providing optimal air management with significant energy savings. These systems utilize the heat from extracted air to warm incoming fresh air, reducing the energy required for heating. The MVHR units are known for their high heat recovery rates, which can reach up to 95%. This efficiency means less wasted energy and more comfort at a lower cost. Additionally, these units feature advanced filtration systems that remove pollutants and allergens from incoming air, making your indoor environment healthier and more breathable.

Powerful Performance of Duco MEV Units

The Duco MEV units focus specifically on extracting moist air from high-humidity areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, effectively preventing condensation and mould growth. These units are celebrated for their powerful extraction capabilities, ensuring that moisture and airborne impurities are efficiently removed from your living spaces. Despite their powerful performance, Duco MEV units are designed to be energy-efficient, maintaining air quality without excessive power consumption. Their compact design allows for easy installation in various settings, making them versatile additions to both new and existing structures.

Exclusive Summer Promotion: 10% Off Site-Wide

To celebrate the launch of these innovative systems, we're offering an exclusive 10% discount across our entire site. This limited-time offer is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their home's air quality or upgrade their current ventilation system. Use the promo code SUMMER10 at checkout to enjoy savings on high-quality ventilation solutions.

Why Upgrade Now?

Investing in a new ventilation system like the Duco MVHR or MEV not only improves the air quality but also enhances the overall energy efficiency of your home or business. With the introduction of our new Duco units and the additional site-wide savings, upgrading is both cost-effective and beneficial for long-term comfort and health.

Breathe Easy This Summer with BPC Ventilation

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your home or business with our top-of-the-line Duco MVHR and MEV units. Our summer kickoff promotion makes refreshing your space more accessible and affordable than ever. Explore our full range of products and find the perfect solution to meet your air quality needs at BPC Ventilation.