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What is a Heat Recovery System?

What is a Heat Recovery System?

A heat recovery system ensures the heat we produce does not go to waste.

Heat from household appliances such as boilers and ovens etc is lost through vents, open windows and even heat from our bodies goes to waste. A heat recovery system draws the warmth through a heat exchanger producing clean, filtered, fresh, warm air. This can then can be distributed throughout the house.

Over the last decade there has been increasing demand on builders, architects and government legislation to increase the thermal efficiency of our homes making them draught free and well insulated. This in turn has caused poorer air quality which can significantly increase the effects of asthma and other respiratory problems, health problems, condensation, mould, dust mites, unpleasant smells and build-up of toxic gases.

A heat recovery system will ventilate your home throughout the year with as much as 95% of the normally wasted heat being recovered providing you substantial energy savings. This heat recovery system allows your property to stay air tight with no window vents or bathroom extractors being required, creating a healthier and quieter environment.

BPC offer an extensive range of heat recovery systems including their very popular DIY kits which can be easily installed by any tradesperson or handyperson. The technical team will advise you on the best system for your property. Whatever your requirement, budget or setting, BPC can provide the solution you need.

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