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Bluethermal Underfloor Heating Mat 150 watt

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Bluethermal Underfloor Heating Mat 150 watt
£81.12 including VAT Excluding VAT £67.60
Bluethermal Underfloor Heating Mat 150 watt

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£81.12 including VAT Excluding VAT £67.60


Bluethermal Underfloor Heating Mat 150 watt

Bluethermal is a top quality electric underfloor heating manufactured by world leading manufacture Vent Axia

The 100W/m² mat can be installed on any type of levelled and stable sub floor, and is recommended to be used under parquet or other wooden floor coverings.

Electric underfloor heating mat

Minimum floor thickness can be important in renovation processes in order to avoid extra work on doors and thresholds. For these projects our BluethermalTM Mat range is the ideal product. The heating mat consists of a thin twin conductor heating cable ttached to an adhesive flexible glass fibre net. The thin heating cable has a total thickness of only 4 mm, is delivered with a 2.5 m cold lead and has a width of 50 cm.


  • Solid resistance wires
  • FEP insulation
  • Solid copper earth wire
  • Fibre-glass net
  • PVC outer jacket
  • Aluminium sheath
  • 4mm Ø cable
  • Width 50cm (19.7”)

Electric underfloor heating thermostat

Precise and accurate temperature control is important to fully achieve the advantages of under floor heating without using more
electric energy than necessary. Heating cables in combination with an accurate thermostat are one of the most energy efficient heating systems one can have in a modern building.

The design of the thermostat is unique. Every detail has been carefully designed, paying special attention to aesthetic appearance, user-friendliness and quality, as required and demanded by both consumers and professional installers.


  • Large screen with blue backlighting
  • 4-event programme or constant temperature control
  • Clock: 12 hours (am/pm) / 24 hours
  • Day display: Monday - Sunday
  • Celsius or Fahrenheit display selection
  • Frost protection
  • 5 to 40ºC working range (default)
  • Manual override
  • Weather compensating
  • Accuracy: +0.5ºC / 1ºF
  • Maximum load: 16A
  • Power supply: 230V
  • Dimensions: 86 x 86 13mm (WxHxD)
  • IP21

We would always recommend the use of insulation boards to enhance the performance of your system and these are also available from us (details below). We don't include these in the kits as standard due to your individual requirements.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification tab

You will find our simple measuring up guide below 

Measuring up - Step 1
Measuring up - Step 2
Measuring up - Step 3
Measuring up - Step 4

100Wm2 Wooden Floor Heating Mats

How to Measure up

Step 1. - Calculating Total Area

Measure the full length and full width of your room.

In this example the bathroom is 3m x 4m giving a total of 12m².

Total Area



Total Area

Step 2. - Calculating Unheated Areas

When installing underfloor heating you must ensure that the released heat can escape into the room.

When calculating the unheated area, you must total the area of any fixed furniture such as kitchen units.

In this example the bath, basin, shower tray, toilet and cupboard are added together leaving you with the total unheated area of the room.

Total Unheated Area


Sink and toilet

Shower and Cupboard

Total Unheated Area

Step 3. - Calculating heated Areas

The heated area is calculated by taking the unheated areas away from the total area.

See example below:
Total heated Area

Total Area

Total Unheated Area

Total Heated Area

Step 4. - Product Selection and Sizing

Mats are selected at 90% of the total heated area allowing room for the required spacing around the perimeter of the room and between the mat on its return.

In this example the area is 7.1m² for mat installation, rounded down to the nearest kit size of 7m².

Insulation boards - 110% of the total heated area requirement due to the wastage when cutting.

Product Selection

Heat Mat

Total heated area
Heated area minus 10%
Mat selection



Download Documentation
Bluethermal underfloor heating guide
Bluethermal catalog 2017