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d-MEV Fans from BPC Ventilation (dMEV)

The Vent Axia Centra dMEV range offers quiet ventilation, ultra quiet running combined with energy efficiency.

The Benefits Traditional intermittent ventilation systems often provide peaks of high extract airflow which exceed the natural infiltration rates, this means we are simply warming indoor air and extracting it to atmosphere which is hardly energy efficient. This indicates the natural air change rate from a building with a leakage rate of 10m 3hm2 @50pa. The new systems from Vent-Axia are designed to work with the natural air infiltration and control the air path from the building thus preventing migration of damaging humidity and pollutants. This is achieved by using continuous low speed running extract fans in the wet rooms (bathrooms, kitchen and utility rooms) with a boost via the light switch, an integral pullcord or sensor when higher ventilation rates are required. By providing ventilation in this way the extract systems can run at a much lower rate all the time, rather than at a high rate for 1 or 2 hours a day. This has a range of benefits including: Energy Efficiency – No over ventilation, so reducing unnecessary heat loss Near Silent Ventilation – Low speeds mean very low noise levels No trickle vents needed – The low rates mean that adequate replacement air is available naturally.

Long life fans producing less waste for landfill and lower energy use reducing our carbon footprint. Long life motors and a 5 year warranty means fewer replacements.



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