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Mitsubishi LGH65RVX-E Commercial Unit

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Mitsubishi LGH65RVX-E Commercial Unit
£1,368.00 including VAT Excluding VAT £1,140.00
Mitsubishi LGH65RVX-E Commercial kit


Mitsubishi LGH65-RVX-E MVHR unit for commercial applications

Replaces the very popular LRG RX5-E range with improved efficiency and new 4 speed controller

Latest range from Mitsubishi with summer By-Pass and Digital controller

Following benefits

  • Horizontal installation
  • Galvanised steel outer construction
  • 4 Variable speeds
  • Digital controller  
  • New improved DC Motors
  • Paper counter flow heat recovery
  • Very quiet operation
  • Up to 86% Heat recovery  
  • 700 m3 h/r  max flow
  • 550 m3 h/r @ 200Pa
  • SFP as llow as 0.33 wls
  • 100% Summer Bypass
  • 100% Adjustable air flow rates
  • G3 filters
  • Frost protection
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 4 x 200 spigots
  • Dimensions L/W/D (mm) 954 / 908 / 404

Suitable for numerous commercial applications that can include*

This unit is not suitable for extracting from wet areas like shower rooms

Application GuideMax SizeCalculation* 
Office - - 12 office staff & nbsp;8 l/s per person
Classroom -  - 12 students8 l/s per person
Shop / Retail -  - 20 people or 70m25 l/s per or 5m2 of area
Nursing Home -  - 350 m20.5 ACH
Nursery Crèche - - 50 m2 3 ACH
M/P sports hall -  - 11 occupants10 l/s per person low activity
Domestic Pool -  - 75 m22 ACH

* calculations can differentiate depending on location always check with the local authority



Technical Specification

Technical Specification

New Remote Controller

The design of the new PZ-61DR-E Lossnay controller has been unified with the PAR-31MAA air conditioning controller with a full-dot backlit LCD screen making it easy to see and use. Additionally the new controller has a vast range of added functionality allowing for flexibility on application and increased energy saving.

An example of this is the weekly timer function (shown below) which now allows all four fan speeds to be selected enabling optimised ventilation not just at different times of the day but also for different days of the week.

During summer nights the night purge function of the Lossnay units allows cooler fresh air to be brought into the building via the bypass damper, to reduce internal temperatures and cool the building fabric therefore reducing the load on the air conditioning system the next morning. This function on the new RVX units has been made more flexible whereby, it is now possible to select the operation start conditions, air volume and operation time to suit each application.

Auto ventilation mode, a function which automatically switches the Lossnay units between heat recovery mode and bypass mode dependent on indoor and outdoor conditions, has been made more flexible with the new RVX units. There are now two pre-defined factory settings that can be used for this function or a completely free setting allowing the conditions of bypass mode to be individually selected for each application.

The PCB of the new Lossnay RVX units has some added functionality allowing for more flexible control options. The connection of a third party pre / post-heater with operation functionality is now available. Additionally external fan speed control using 0-10V DC signal is possible across all four fan speeds allowing fan speed control using a third party CO2 sensor or a BEMS system.