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Vent Axia Lo-Carbon Multivent MVDC-MSH Kit with Humidity Sensor

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Vent Axia Lo-Carbon Multivent MVDC-MSH Kit with Humidity Sensor
Inc Vat £290.40 Excluding VAT £242.00
Vent Axia Lo-Carbon Multivent MVDC-MSH Kit with Humidity Sensor
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Vent Axia Lo-Carbon Multivent MVDC-MSH Kit with internal humidity sensor

The Multivent continuous mechanical extract ventilation range is designed for the simultaneous ventilation of separate areas in the home or as a multi-point extractor system for a wide range of commercial applications

Complete DIY Kit of the MVDC-MSH multi room extract unit with insulated aluminium flexible ducting

This Kit should have everything you should require to install the system

Please note - 

You can purchase the unit with or without the ductwork on this listing and the Unit and room ducting kits include the unit

This kit can amended if required (please contact us)


  • All products in kits can be changed to suit your specific needs
  • Worldwide Delivery is available 
  • Free Technical support by our in-house technical team (multiple telephone lines)
  • The systems are suitable for any competent person to install 
  • Kits and products are in stock ready for delivery
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Vent Axia Lo-Carbon Multivent MVDC-MSH - with humidity sensor  443298

With a DC motor the Multispeed Multivent is one of the most efficient central extract units in the UK. The Multivent MVDC MSH offers the option of ‘Close Control’ both in the residential and the commercial sectors with the added benefit of an inbuilt humidistat.  Extended guarantee to 5 years is offered on the MVDC LoWatt energy saving motor.


  • Internal Humidity sensor
  • Best in class Specific Fan Power
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Recognised in SAP Appendix Q
  • Fitted with four extract 125 or 100mm diameter spigots allowing quick connection to ducts
  • Complies with Building ADF (System 3)
  • Option of wall, ceiling and loft mounting
  • Improved controllability
  • Switched Live Boost connection
  • Fully variable normal and boost speeds
  • Ultra quiet - acoustically lined for low noise levels
  • Fully serviceable unit with all parts accessible
  • 2 year standard or optional 5-year parts warranty: 


The potentiometer controlled speed selector allows accurate setting of airflow

The unit has 2 fully variable speeds for trickle and boost, with an inbuilt humidistat activation for the boost speed.

A switched live (LS) can also be used to select boost speed when wired through an Isolator Relay (Part No. 442030 - not supplied).

An additional third speed (purge) is available using a second switched live connection.


PVC outer casing with an acoustic lining is included as standard, ensuring minimum noise levels.


The unit has Long life, low energy multispeed DC motor


ceiling, wall or floor Installation is recommended 

For the MVDC-MS H (443298) the Boost setting is activated by the internal humidity sensor.
The internal humidity sensor uses one of the two available LS inputs, the other remaining LS input can be used to switch the unit to Purge speed.
The MVDC-MS H has the option to switch from Normal to Boost speed (in effect over-riding the internal humidity sensor), this can be achieved by connecting an isolated switched live connection to the LS connection on the power supply terminal block. This must be isolated by using, for example an Isolator Relay Control, Vent-Axia part number 442030, or similar.



Benefits of working with BPC Ventilation

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  • In-House design service
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  • Specialists in easy to install DIY systems
  • 1000s of products in stock in our own warehouse
  • Large showroom with working units on display
  • Installer network throughout the UK and Ireland
  • All systems comply to all the latest building control regulations 
  • 0% Finance available 
Ducting Kits

Ducting kits

Vent Axia Multivent MVDC-MSH Kit - VMSHMEVPK

List of Products in Kit

part numberDescription2 point kit3 point kit4 point kit5 point kit
443298Multivent MVDC-MSH1111
MW124125mm Metal extract valve2345
C125125mm pipe connector 1 2 3 4
GPVC125W125mm PVC external grille (white) 1 1 1 1
IFD125125mm Insulated flexible ducting X 10 Meter 1 2 2 3
ST75Roll 75mm x 10m silver foil tape  1 1 1 1
JC160Jubilee clip 100-150mm (pack 10) 1 1 12
T125125mm T piece0012

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

MVDC-MSH Tectical Info


Dimensions (mm)



Further Information

Further Information

Mechanical Extract Ventilation

What is Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV)

Passivent house

Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) systems provide continuous ventilation.

Centralised mechanical extract systems (c-MEV) also known as a Multipoint and Central Extract System draw moisture-laden air from multiple wet rooms of a property, Essentially the concept is to provide simultaneous, low level extraction from kitchens, bathrooms, shower rooms, utility rooms and toilets to a central extract fan typically located in a loft space or hallway cupboard via a system of ductwork and grilles to control humidity levels.. The extracted air is then normally discharged to outside via a single duct and grille/cowl.

Decentralised mechanical extract fan (d-MEV) also known as a continious running fan is perfect for single applications such as bathroom, kitchens or utility rooms if a (c-MEV) is not suitable

As this type of system has to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, low noise levels and reliability are critical.

Our MEV systems are cost-effective and offer many benefits to home-owners:

  • Elimination of condensation dampness

  • Healthier living environment

  • Removal of musty odours

  • Low running costs and low-energy operation

  • Easy installation and low maintenance

MEV Suitable Applications:

  • Ideal apartment ventilation solution where there is possibly only one external wall.

  • Homes with more than one wet room.

Building Control System 3

Building Regulation  Part F - System 3 covers continuous mechanical extract ventilation (MEV). This can be either a whole house centralised MEV system, or localised decentralised MEV fan.

Current Building regulation requires such systems be designed to provide background extraction at a rate equating to approximately 0.3 to 0.5 air changes per hour or individual room rates of 13 kitchen,and 8l/s for bathrooms (whatever higher is used) with the ability to boost by approx  25% for times when increased ventilation is required e.g. during cooking.

Replacement air is normally able to be provided via structural air leakage with older buildings above 5ma@50Pa or if  the home is built to good airtight standards with background ventilation openings like trickle vents and wall vent having a minimum equivalent area of 2500 mm2 should be fitted in each room, except wet rooms, from which air is extracted 

Always refer to your local building contro regulations as this information can change.