At BPC Ventilation, we stock a wide range of Gerband products, including: -

Gerband 586 hermetic adhesive tape.

Gerband 586 hermetic adhesive tape is used for sealing of airtightness layers. With the PE airtightness tape Gerband 586 hermetic permanent bonded joints and overlaps are quickly delt with. This very pliant PE-film tape with high-performance acrylic adhesive has been especially developed towards two characteristics: extremely high adhesion power and outstanding ageing resistance. Furthermore, Gerband 586 hermetic is cold resistant. A strand-woven fabric strengthens the tape and prevents possible overexpansion during application.

Gerband sd2 control® Two-way vapour barrier membrane.

The vapour barrier is the core of the rooftite® system. Having a fix SD value of 2 meters the product is capable of two tasks: during winter it reliably prevents diffusion of interior humidity into the roof construction whereas during summer it allows for back-diffusion from the insulation as well as the wall and roof construction. This permits a faster dehumidification of the entire building construction during summer.

Gerband Primer 6300

Gerband 6300 Primer is a dispersion-based polyacrylate, it is a low to medium viscosity primer coat. Designed to prepare rough and sandy application surfaces for airtightness tape adhesion.

Gerband Fortax 6400 Airtight Sealant 310ml

Gerband Fortax 6400 Airtight Sealant 310ml is an internal adhesive, used for permanent connections of airtightness layers. An excellent solution for permanent bonding applications. It’s ideal for connections of all standard vapour barriers, as well as airtightness layers.

Gerband 712 Aluminium Foil Tape 

Gerband 712 is an aluminium tape with a strong adherent, strongly cross-linked polyacrylate adhesive with high ageing resistance and good shear strength. It is used for applications under high temperature load as well as for masking, insulation, and sealing.

Some other products: Anchor Clip, Crevice ToolTool Set.