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Wall Mounted PIV

Lo-Carbon PoziDry Compact Features & Benefits • BBA Approved • Ultra low sound level • Selectable air capacities to suit volumes of up to 34 l/s or floor area up to 100m2 • Extremely low running costs - from less than one pence per day • Washable, high capacity G4 filter • Datalogger feature as standard • Round to rectangular duct adaptor included • 5 Year Guarantee • Ideal for flats Positive Pressure Ventilation For those properties that do not have a loft, the BBA approved Lo- Carbon PoziDry Compact provides an easy to install solution. The unit is duct mounted and can be fitted in a number of locations within a single floor flat or apartment. Air is drawn into the Lo-Carbon PoziDry Compact unit via an external inlet and through a short length of duct. The specially developed fan/ motor assembly (using the Lo-Carbon DC motor technology) draws the air through an integral, high capacity, washable filter. The backward curved impeller guarantees increased efficiency, lower sound levels and better performance. The fresh, filtered airflow passes along the ducting and terminates on an internal wall with a discreet grille. This directs the airflow upwards where the incoming air mixes with the warm air that gathers at ceiling height. The system provides fresh, tempered air into the home and creates an indoor environment where the damaging effects of condensation find it hard to exist, benefiting both the occupants and the structure of the building. The Lo-Carbon PoziDry Compact can be used for air replacement in conjunction with an extractor fan. A G4 filter is included as standard. Performance The Lo-Carbon PoziDry Compact uses a sensor to monitor the ambient temperature, automatically adjusting the air volume when necessary and providing partial heat recovery. ‘Trickle’ speed is automatically selected when the ambient temperature is up to 18°C. ‘Normal’ is automatically selected when the ambient temperature is between 18 and 27°C. If the ambient temperature exceeds 27°C, the Lo-Carbon PoziDry Compact will automatically switch to standby (no airflow). The standby power consumption is 2W. In the case of the integral 300W heater version, the heater element is automatically activated when necessary and tempers the supply air to 10°C. Air Replacement Grille Set For air replacement through doors. Consists of a two-piece telescopic set, which fits unobtrusively on either side of the door panel. Minimum fixing thickness 30mm. Plastic. Dimensions: 454 x 90mm. See Ducting section. Day logger As standard. Measures the number of days the product has been switched on to provide precise running information. Model Without heater CAS Stock Ref £Trade 444076 508.54 With integral heater CAS Stock Ref £Trade 444767 537.19

This Agrément BBA Certificate Product Sheet(1) relates to the PoziDry Loft-mounted Positive Input Ventilation System, a continuously running, low-energy, positive input ventilation system (PIV) suitable for installation in the ventilated loft space of single- or two-storey dwellings. The unit comprises filter, motor, grille, diffuser, temperature sensor, ducting and an optional heater version. (1) Hereinafter referred to as ‘Certificate’. CERTIFICATION INCLUDES: • factors relating to compliance with Building Regulations where applicable • factors relating to additional non-regulatory information where applicable • independently verified technical specification • assessment criteria and technical investigations • design considerations • installation guidance • regular surveillance of production • formal three-yearly review. KEY FACTORS ASSESSED Ventilation — the system can provide up to 50 l/s of whole building ventilation and can satisfy, or contribute to satisfying, the requirements of the national Building Regulations (see section 6). Behaviour in relation to fire — the diffuser is classified TP(b) and can contribute to satisfying the requirements of the national Building Regulations (see section 7). Conservation of fuel and power — the specific fan power of the system is less than the design limits for energy efficiency and, in standard loft modes, can be discounted in SAP calculations due to the source loft air being slightly warmer than the outdoor air (see section 8). Self-generated noise — the outlet noise from the system should not be considered as intrusive (see section 9). Durability — subject to maintenance requirements, the system can continue to perform for the life of the dwelling


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