Air valves are an important part to any mechanical ventilation system. They are used in rooms where the ducting meets ceilings or walls so that air can be properly extracted or supplied.

Air valves are adjustable and need to be set up during commissioning so that the correct air flow rate is reached. To adjust valves you simply rotate the central disc in or out to provide a larger or smaller air flow or insert a flow control damper.

Air Valve Placement

Valves are designed to be installed in round pipe or plenums through ceilings or walls. At least one supply or extract valve should be placed in every room in your home that you wish to extract air from or supply air to. They must be placed away from stoves, other extraction fans and cooker hoods.

Valves are unobtrusive and designer options are available for upgrading. All our kit systems are supplied with standard metal or Airflex premium air valves, you can then choose to add fire rated valves or our architectural range of the Airy or Starline air valves.

If you would like a certain colour, we can do this! Simply provide us with the RAL colour code and we can have your bespoke colour added so that your valve blends in with your room of choice.

How Many Valves & Points Are Required?

The amount of extract and supply points that you require is based on how many rooms are in your home. It can also depend on how big rooms are and how much humidity may be created in them. In larger and more humid rooms you may require extra points due to airflow demand. Each point is one valve.

We generally recommend that if a room has an area of 50m2 or larger, it would be required two air valves to provide a quiet system

Extract and Supply

Depending on the room it will decide whether you need an extract or supply. If you have a design done by us everything will be clearly marked as our team will outline exactly what each room will require.

Rooms that require extract points:
- Bathrooms
- Shower rooms
- Kitchens
- Utilities
- En suites
- Wet rooms
- And other rooms that require high humidity

Rooms that require supply points:
- Living areas
- Bedrooms
- Any habitable room

Rooms such as gyms and cinemas rooms etc may require both extract and supply points to ensure the best airflow.

To balance your system you may require points in entrance hallways and halls. It is also important to remember that systems must be commissioned, this will ensure that the airflow rates of your system are correct, and so that your system will run to the best of its ability. Your installer will be able to commission your system for you, or you can do it yourself with the hire of an airflow metre, contact us for more information if required.

We will provide you with the correct valves and will be marked if they are supply or extract. Some valves are universal and can be used as both extract and supply depending on what is required.

Range of Valves

Here at BPC we offer an extensive range of ventilation valves suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. Valves are available in a range of sizes to suit various ducting system installations.

Standard Air Valves

Standard valves are available for both extract and supply. You can choose between PVC and metal standard valves. These valves are powdered coated and come complete with ceiling collar.

Fire Rated Air Valves Metal fire protection valves incorporate an integral intumescent material which automatically closes when the temperature reaches 72° and seals the duct from fire and smoke ingress.

Fire rated valves are fire tested to BS EN 1365-2:1999 and have a fire rating of 60 minutes. Supplied complete with a fixing body with pre-drilled holes for installation.

Airy Valve

Airy valves provide acoustic performance and have a discrete range of face plates. They are universal and therefore suitable for both supply or extract air flows. There is a range of available interchangeable faceplates including round, square, bow, rectangle, and ellipse options. They are available in white, the square version is also available in metal or in a raw finish which can be papered, painted or your own design so that it fully ties in with the décor of your room.

Starline Architectural Grill Range

The Starline Architectural Grille are a range of professional air grilles suitable for homes requiring an unobtrusive and designer solution over conventional air valves. Starline design grilles are stylish, easy to install and can be used for either air extraction or supply. Starline grilles are suitable for both extract and supply points, they are also hygienically sound thanks to integrated filter holder.

Installation & Maintenance

Valves are easy to install as part of your ventilation system. With every ventilation system purchased from us you will receive a ducting MVHR guide from us, we also have a range of installation videos that you can head over and check out our on YouTube channel.

To maintain your ventilation air valves we recommend that you wipe down to remove any dust that may settle on them.

To find out more about our valves click on each of image to be directed to product page, alternative you can contact us on 028 282 75150 to find out more about ventilation in your property or for your upgrade options.