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The New DucoBox Energy!

The New DucoBox Energy!

The Quietest MVHR system in Europe now available at BPC Ventilation!

The New DucoBox Energy!

DucoBox Energy

BPC Ventilation are now stocking the Quietest MVHR system in Europe! The DucoBox Energy is a demand-controlled ventilation unit with heat recovery. The unit’s top features include a unique integrated 2-zone control system, an A+ energy label and the highest EPB reduction. The unit has a high heat recovery efficiency, recovering up to 96% of normally wasted heat. You will never have to worry about a noisy system again with the quietest running MVHR available! This unit is perfect for installation in an energy neutral home with great energy savings. The unique 2-zone control system allows you to control 2 zoned areas separately via a built-in valve based on CO2, timers and humidity.

Duco Ventilation and Sun Control was founded in 1991 and they guarantee to provide a ‘healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient indoor climate in a natural way’. The company is a leading European manufacturer for natural ventilation and sun protection systems. The systems that Duco manufacture are designed to achieve a healthy indoor air environment without complexity, the health of the user always is always considered the most important. BPC Ventilation are pleased to be a distributor for these great manufacturers and to stock the DucoBox Energy!


The DucoBox Energy is unlike any unit with its two-zone system control! We are excited to be selling this unit with its one of a kind features.


– Stephen Maxwell, BPC Sales Manager.

Duco Unit

Main Features of the DucoBox Energy

The PET/Polystyrene heat recovery exchanger allows for maximum levels of heat recovery efficiency up to 96%. The DucoBox Energy raises heat recovery ventilation to the next level. The intelligent two zone control system uses Co2 or humidity sensors to closely monitor the occupant’s movements to communicate where in the home ventilation is needed, when ventilation it is needed and how much ventilation is required in the home. With using this two-zone control system, it allows the consumption EC fans to be reduced which in turns ensures maximum energy efficiency. Developed for thermal efficiency, the unit features a 100% modulating summer bypass and optional frost protection via a built in proportional heater.

DucoBox Energy heat recovery unit enables lower EC fan consumption, maximum energy performance and provides great heat recovery efficiency. This heat recovery unit is highly smart due to its intelligent preheater, smart communication via ModBus or LAN and its ability to link with smartphones and tablet applications. Another key feature is the smart humidity measurement and pressure sensors. The unit is self-configuring, allowing time saving during installation process, cutting down configuration time of the system by up to 50%.

How Quiet is the DucoBox Energy?

The unit has minimal noise levels of 29 Dba at 3 meters due to a combination of different aspects such as the unit being constructed from a range of sound absorbing materials including polypropylene (EPP) / PP / ABS. Along with the sound absorbing material, the fan position also allows for a quieter running system. A huge factor in the quietness of the system is that 2-zone system, as it reads where you are in your home and what needs ventilated you will not notice the system working. For example, at night, the unit will extract from areas such as your kitchen that are not being used, which ensures that the habitable rooms at that time such as bedrooms, will have no noise disruption.

Duco Filters

How Does the DucoBox Energy Improve Indoor Air Quality?

The DucoBox Energy allows you to improve your indoor air quality and is a popular choice for both self-builders and smaller developers. The unit is constructed of minimal parts and components allowing ease of unit maintenance such as filter changes and cleaning. Along with its wide range of features, its G4 and optional F7 filters further ensure optimum air quality within your home, ensuring that your extract and supply air flows are top quality to ensure high levels of good indoor air quality. The filters are quick and easy to replace with no extra tools needed to be able to check or change filters.

Another great feature is the units heat recovery efficiency, recovering up to 96% of normally wasted heat! Not many other units are this efficient as well as continuing to improve your indoor air quality!



The unit is easy to install, it features a mounting bracket at the back of the unit and a 45-degree modular connection. The unit is available in both right-hand or left-hand connection options. The unit can be wall mounted as standard or it may be floor mounted with mounting plinth.

Contact Us

At BPC we have a large range of MVHR units from leading manufactures, we can design, supply and if required we can install your system for you! Contact us on 028 2827 5150 to find out more about the DucoBox Energy! Or visit our showroom to see the DucoBox Energy! Check out the unit online here.

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