Ventilation should be at the top of your to do list this Autumn to ensure that everything in your home is working correctly and efficiently before the harshness of winter begins to impose upon us.

Why is Ventilation Important?

Having good ventilation is important as having poor ventilation can have serious health consequences including asthma, respiratory problems including lung damage. Good ventilation improves moisture, risk of condensation problems and controls humidity.

Ventilation is highly important especially in newer buildings where there is higher air tightness. Homes are now built to be more airtight which is great for keeping in heat but not good for healthy airflow throughout your home or workplace.

Healthier indoor air quality means healthier occupants, the best way to do this is to install a mechanical ventilation system in your home, or if you already have a system it is important to ensure it is properly maintained. Having a maintained system is key to having a good system.

Condensation and Mould

As the days become cooler and the weather worsens, it is more likely that we begin to dry our washing inside over radiators and clothes horses. If possible, we recommended that you do this as little as possible any amount extra moisture in the air can leading issues such as damp, mould growth, condensation, and excess moisture.

In bathrooms and kitchens it is also highly important to have extraction fans or extraction point as due to the colder weather again it is more likely for condensation to form and create excess moisture and mould which can be detrimental to your health - and not to mention even harder to keep clean.

Change Your Filters

Checking and changing your filters is incredibly important to ensure that your ventilation system can run properly without airflows being interrupted

We recommended having MVHR filters checked at least every 6 months and changed or cleaned once a year. In areas with high pollution is important to check, and clean and change your filters more often.

Doors and Window Seals

During warmer and summer months it can be harder to detect a bad seal in windows or doors. Due to the colder weather it is much easier it notices cracks and leaks. Having properly sealed windows and doors will allow you ventilation system to work to the best of its ability as there is no unwanted air coming in or escaping through leaks in walls cracks, windows, and doors which ensures your property has correct airflow.

MVHR Features

If you have a summer bypass feature remember to alter it to suit you so that your system will begin to recover the heat so that the air that is being supplied into your room is now heated as well as filtered.

With MVHR systems and other mechanical ventilation systems we recommend that it is not necessary to have windows and doors open for ventilating as your system will do everything for you that is required. We stress even more so in Autumn and in the colder months to not have windows open as this can quickly cool down a home and therefore your ventilation systems is working extra hard to keep the airflow correct and also trying to regulate the temperature.

Don’t Have Ventilation? We Can Help You with That!

To receive a ventilation proposal send us your plans and will proposal a system that is directly tailored to your project and budget. You can install ventilation in new homes and retrofit to existing homes. We recommend installing in existing home at time of renovation.