Choosing to install a central vacuum in your home will allow many benefits from having a cleaner, healthier home and a quieter system, with one huge benefit being that is an easier system to use throughout your home.

Five Easy Steps to Vacuuming

1)    Quiet

Most vacuums are noisy and no doubt most of us have heard the complaints of family members not being able to hear the television or talk on the phone. If you have a baby in the house, you may be restricted to vacuuming during ‘awake’ only times. A Central Vacuum’s main unit is located away from the main living areas in your home (ie garage or utility) so with just the lightweight hose to carry around the noise really is minimal.

2)     Lightweight

A Central Vacuum system is so much lighter than using a conventional vacuum cleaner with no stooping or pulling a cumbersome system around the house. You don’t have to drag around a heavy unit connected to a power inlet. Even better – with no unit there is no risk of dents in furniture and doorways! All you have to carry is the hose, imagine – you won’t have to heave a unit upstairs! The hose conveniently inserts into a wall inlet to allow you to quickly vacuum around your home.

3)    Powerful

Do you want to vacuum less? You will with a powerful vacuum that gives a deep clean. If you like the sound of this then a Central Vacuum is the system for you! Central Vacuum systems are five times more powerful than a conventional model, ensuring that your floors whether they are wood, carpet or tiled will be exceptionally clean. We all love our pets, but pet hair can be difficult to remove from rugs and carpets, that’s were a Central Vacuum excels – no repeated vacuuming the one spot to remove ingrained hair. This system has the power to take on even the most heavily soiled flooring.

4)     Durability

This system will be the last vacuum you ever have to buy. Good news? Twenty years is not an unusual time scale for home owners to have a Central Vacuum System. At BPC we offer a five-year guarantee, these systems rarely need fixed.

5)     No Dust Bags

Having to empty the dust bag in a conventional vacuum cleaner is messy and inconvenient and really, we want a vacuum that keeps the dirt well away from us! This is exactly what happens with a Central Vacuum system, the unit it stored in the garage or utility area and it is large to facilitate less emptying. Due to the unit not be situated in a living space there will be no recirculated dust in living spaces. We face enough cleaning in our homes without having to continually empty dust bags when vacuuming, or by cleaning up more dust after emptying.

Choosing a Central Vacuum System

If you wish to get further information on a central vacuum system, please contact our sales and technical team. Our team of specialists can help with any questions and queries you may have and can help you choose the correct unit, ducting and number of valves based on your preferences, the size of your home and requirements. Watch CVS Central Vacuum Videos here!

Let us design your bespoke central vacuum system for you!

Send us your plans and we can design your bespoke central vacuum system for you! We have highly experienced inhouse CAD designers that can design your system including placement of your unit, duct runs and inlet valves. We recommended this process so that you get the correct specification of unit, the correct placement of duct runs and inlet valves to ensure that all areas of your home can be reached to be vacuumed.

Installing a Central Vacuum System

A central vacuum system is able to be installed in both new build homes and existing homes. It is best installed throughout the building process, the pipework is best installed during the first fixed due to duct runs, but the unit can be installed in second fix. Although it is more convenient to install in new builds or during renovation, a central vacuum system can also be retrofitted in to most properties.

Installing a central vacuum system is not a difficult process, most tradesmen would be able to install a central vacuum system with ease! We also have a network of installers who will be able to install your system for you if required. Our trusted installers are based all over the UK and Ireland, simply tell your designated sales manager that you require installation and they will help you by either getting in touch with an installer or putting you directly in contact with an installer in your area.

Contact us

Our sales and technical team are available to answer any questions and queries Monday – Friday 8am-5pm, contact us for more information about central vacuum systems or find out more about our ventilation systems!

BPC specialise in domestic and commercial heat recovery and ventilation solutions. We can design, supply and install your system for you!

For more information on how our systems work, call our sales and technical teams on 028 2827 5150, or for more information visit our website to check out our knowledge centre for more information on central vacuum systems and our ventilation system!