With the current ongoing situation of COVID19 / Coronavirus there is so much uncertainty regarding air quality of homes, especially to those who may be self-isolating. As ventilation specialists we recommend that the best thing you can do is to install ventilation in your home!

Installing ventilation in your home will ensure fresh air throughout your home and provide you and your family with good indoor air quality.

In current news we have seen the best ways to prevent the virus spreading is to take measures to ensure that things are as clean as possible. Keeping things clean and reducing the spread of any viruses includes washing hands with soap and water along with the use of antibacterial gel, as well as this it is recommended to frequently clean workspaces, doors and handles and anything that may come in contact with others.

There are many measures we recommend that you take to prevent the spread of viruses and germs. As we are experts in ventilation our main focus is keeping air clean and having the best indoor air quality.

5 Top Tips in Keeping your Home Clean and Healthy:

Cleaning your hands, surfaces, handles and anything you touch with antibacterial washes and sprays as often as possible will prevent the spread of germs.

Cleaning, dusting or vacuuming is important as these allergens can irritate allergies and make respiratory issues worse.

Reducing condensation can be done in many ways such as not drying clothes inside, using extractor fans in bathrooms kitchens, vent tumble driers outside and of course by installing ventilation systems. If condensation is not kept under control it can result in dampness and mould which are key factors in poor indoor air quality. Find our more about condensation here.

Our Sachvac Central Vacuum Systems are a great cleaning solution. Unlike conventional vacuum cleaners, central vacuum systems do not recirculate air or dust back into your home as it is taken through a pipe system in your walls directly to the unit that is usually installed out of the way in garages, plant rooms and utility rooms. 

We have a large range of ventilation systems from leading manufacturers suitable for all budgets and applications. If you already have a ventilation system installed in your home, we recommended changing your filters and cleaning grilles.

How Does a MVHR Ventilation System Work?

A mechanical ventilation heat recovery system works to improve your indoor air quality by extracting moist, stale, humid air and replaces it with fresh, clean and filtered air. By extracting air it removes any bad odours and reduces risk of dampness condensation and mould. Installing a ventilation system can reduce the spread of germs and viruses as well as reducing dust and dirt particles that may irritate or cause respiratory issues.

Benefits of an MVHR System

- An MVHR system provides a large range of benefits, main advantages include:
- Provides clean fresh filtered air
- No heat is lost and distributes heat evenly throughout your home
- Reduces heating costs
- Separated extract and supply airflows
- Prevents mould and condensation
- Provides up to 90% heat recovery efficiency
- No trickle vents or extractor fans required
- Compiles with the latest building control requirements
- Improves indoor air quality
- Constant supply of fresh, healthy, filtered air to your home

Other Systems Available

We have a large range of ventilation systems available including MVHR and MEV system which extract from all the wet rooms in your home including, bathrooms, shower rooms, utilities and en suites! We have systems to suit all budgets and applications. We ensure that your get the correct system for your application, simply send us your plans and we will give options based directly on your plans! We can also provide a design of your system making it even easier to self-install.

Our ventilation and vacuum systems can be retro fitted, they do not cause as much hassle and mess as you may think. Our systems can be easily installed on a DIY basis saving you money. Sachvac Floor Mounting Plate Straight & Sachvac F/f Short 90 Elbow Available!

For more information on our systems and how you can begin improving your indoor air quality, call us on 028 2827 5150 for more information.