BPC are the original pioneers of supplying high quality MVHR systems that are easy to install by any competent person and provide a quiet and efficient system.

We make it easy to purchase and install and have several options.

Bespoke Kit - send us your plans and after talking to you and studying your build we can supply a proposal and after the bespoke design we can provide a kit that provides everything that you will require to install your system.

Off the Shelf Kits - If you are doing a renovation without plans or in a hurry you will find that one of our should provide everything you will need.

Standard Kits – Our standard kits have all the main components to install your system and are ideal for developments and for tight budgets.

Premium Kits – Our premium kits are for the decerning owner or high-end developers that are only looking for the best. Premium kits include attenuators, flexible couplings and upgrades to the ducting and fittings.

Solid Rigid Ducting – If required we have large stock of solid rigid and rectangular ducting for apartments and developments that allow you to keep ducting cost to a minimum.

Technical Support

What separates BPC from other suppliers is that we have our own helpful and friendly in-house technical experts that can help you from the start to completion of your quality ventilation system and we hold large stock of products ready for dispatch from our warehouse.

We also supply installation guides and videos to show how the systems are installed and you should look at our YouTube Channel.

BPC Installation Manual

Our MVHR radial ductwork installation manual takes you through step by step how to install your ventilation system. The manual uses our premium kit as an installation example.

The step by step process is outlined in both image and text creating ease of installation for you or for your installer to follow. 

Stages of Installation

  1. Install the MVHR unit to the wall and connect the drain if required
  2. Install any MVHR controls
  3. Install the distribution boxes and external pipes
  4. Install the radial pipe from each room back to the distribution boxes
  5. Install the plenums that hold the air supply valve in each room
  6. The system is now ready for second fix that consist of fitting the air valves and commissioning the unit


-       Heating and cooling solutions

-       Fire solutions

Top Tips for Installing Ventilation

  • Use a cooker extraction fan with a recirculating filter
  • Any wood burning stoves should have their own independent air supply
  • All bathrooms should have a manual boost switch for the ventilation system
  • Do not forget that some units will need a condensation drain from the unit
  • Provide a small gap below doors to allow air circulation throughout the house
  • How are you venting outside?
  • Make sure the unit will fit through any trap doors
  • Some large units are very heavy – please bare this in mind for placement of unit

Safety When Installing MVHR

It is important to take safety precautions when installing any systems to protect yourself from any potential harm. The safety measurements we recommend that you take are outlined below:

-       Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment

-       Always wear a protective face mask when using duct insulation

-       It is recommended to use walking boards when working in a loft void

-       If the loft is fully insulated when work is being carried out, it is recommended to provide adequate air throughout the installation process

-       Electrical connections should be made by a qualified electrician.

BPC Installation Service

If required we have a large network of installers across the UK and Ireland who can install your system for you. All our installers are professionally trained and have in depth knowledge of our products and systems

To get an installation cost you can:

  • Send us your plans and we will supply an estimate of materials and basic location plan
  • We ask several installers in your area for a guide cost of installation
  • When your build is approaching 1st fix stage the appointed installer will carry out a site visit
  • Final specification, costs and materials will be confirmed
  • Terms will be finalised, and goods shipped out to site for installation.

Enquire about installation.

BPC Services & Design

By having a design done by our professional in-house designers, this means that your system will be fool proof and easy to install. It will show placement on unit and valves and you can upgrade to have all ducting marked for a more in depth and detailed plan.

What we provide with each system:

  • A Detailed Floor Plan – floor plan will have the approximate locations and dimensions of pipe; you may have to alter the design to suit specific requirements of the building
  • A List of Supplied Ducting – please check this list before you sign the delivery docket for any damaged or missing items. The amount of ducting that is provided is calculated from the received plans, if more ducting is required this would be at an additional cost
  • Technical Support – do not hesitate to contact us on 028 28 275 150 from 8am-5pm Monday to Friday if you have any questions
  • Installation Manual – we will provide an installation manual for your chosen ducting and heat recovery unit
  • Airflow Rates – we will provide air flow rates for all the air valves to help commission the system.

Commissioning Service

As well as installation we can also commission your system for you. Commissioning your system is key in achieving a quiet and efficient system that is balanced. A balanced system is important so that rooms have the correct air changes and so your system is not being over worked.

Technical Help

You will find most common issues on our website in our knowledge centre, alternatively you can call us or email our technical team at technical@bpcventilation.com.

Find out more about our installation service.