We are excited to announce that we are now stockists of the amazing brand Komfovent! We will be stocking a range of their ventilation units including the Domekt range and the RHP range. All Komfovent units are highly efficient, high quality and the perfect solution to provide ventilation and are suitable for a large range of applications.

Komfovent are based in Lithuania with factories also in Latvia and Russia. The company has 8 representative offices and over 80 distributors in more than 30 countries. The company was established in 1997 under the name ‘Amalva’, the Komfovent brand was created in 2005 for the companies first internal trade show. In 2018 the company changed its name from UAB ‘Amalva’ to UAB ‘Komfovent’. The company’s top sellers are their large assortment of highly efficient air handling units, they also manufacturer a range of other products including dampers, smoke ducts and other ventilation accessories.

Komfovent create more than 20,000 ventilation units every year. The company’s unit range consists of four units; Domekt, Verso, RHP and Klasik which makes up more than 60 models in total, in addition to this there is a selection of unique models which can be specifically tailored and constructed to individual needs!

Komfovent Domekt Range

The Domekt range is suitable for ventilation in residential applications. The range of Domekt units includes units with a rotary or counter flow heat exchanger. This unit is very versatile as it has a range of different mounting styles meaning that you can choose a unit that directly suits your project. Chose between units that can be vertically, horizontally or mounted in a false ceiling – meaning the unit will fit where you require it allowing access to the unit and ducting connections for ease the installation and use of the unit.

One feature that the Domekt units are superior for is that they have an additional kitchen extract point, allowing you to extract directly from your kitchen with a by pass directly to outside, keeping the extracted air from the air that is being extracted and supplied throughout your home heat recovery system.

Smart C6 control system for Domekt Units 

The Domekt range can be controlled via a digital controller or smart phone application. They allow you to monitor the ventilation unit, set parameters and chose between a range of functions. Operating parameters are easy adjusted via both the application and controller, allowing you to easily set your rate of ventilation as you require it. Using this control feature allows you to see how much energy you have saved, plan schedules with days and times, it provides free cooling feature when the set temperature has reached your set level. Controlling your ventilation via schedules means that you can reduce power consumption and save energy while always maintaining thermal comfort in your home.

While other systems offer on or off control, Komfovent C6 allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature in your premises by reducing ventilation intensity as it prevents excessive cooling or overheating. Check out the Komfovent Domekt C6 smart home control system video.

Komfovent RHP Range

The Komfovent RHP unit range is unlike any other MVHR products currently on the market as this range provides cooling, ventilation and supplementary heating, ventilation whereas most units will only recover heat. This innovative unit range has an integrated heat pump as well as a rotary heat exchanger, meaning this unit has two energy recovery stages. RHP units use only perfectly balanced fans with unique geometry fans ensuring low noise level.

RHP units provide a 5 in 1 complete indoor microclimate control.  These units will provide:

1. Ventilation - provide the premises with fresh air consuming minimal power

2. Heating – providing supplementary heating with use of its two-stage heating system

- Stage 1 - enthalpy rotary heat exchanger

- Stage 2 - reversible heat pump

3. Cooling - provides efficient cooling during warmer weather and in hotter climates

4. Humidity Control - performs dehumidification in summer and performance humidity regeneration in winter

5. Air Filtration - fresh air is supplied into rooms, cleaned and free from dust

RHP top of the range units have a two-stage heat recovery system

This top of the range unit series is suitable for large homes and can be used in small scale commercial projects. This range really is superior to its equally sized units from other brands as it provides all supplementary Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems in the one unit without the need for additional units or added extras.

Cooling Mode – rotary heat exchanger saves cool air and eliminates any excess moisture. In the summer RHP acts as an air conditioner by cooling the supplied air to the required temperature. Although the unit may act like an air conditioner, it has many advantages over an air conditioning unit as with the RHP unit the air is not dried, not recirculated and is supplied from the outside and additionally filtered.

Heating Model – the rotary heat exchanger heats the supplied air and utilises the energy from the exhaust air but also regenerates humidity and humidifies supplied fresh air when it is dry. The heat pump works in the winter as the second stage of heat recovery by heating air to the required temperature

Due to the specific functioning of the RHP system, the humidity is reduced during the summer and maintained during the winter. Overall it ensures the highest level of comfort and a healthy environment and at the same time maintaining low operating costs. The Komfovent RHP range will provide you with total comfort all year long, it reduces power and energy consumption, reduces energy bills, is eco-friendly and is extremely energy-efficient and resource saving all while heating, cooling, ventilating and providing fresh air in your home!

RHP units require a C5 control panel. It is modern, very thin and features a coloured touch sensitive LED display. The controller panel enables smart control with use of an integrated thermometer and hygrometer and has a customized screen saver with up to 3 parameters be display when unit is in a stand-by mode. RHP units can also be controlled via the Komfovent application which has intuitive control, indication AHU parameters, ventilation control and adjusting and energy saving monitoring.

Want to know more about Komfovent MVHR units? Head over to the unit listings to view the products! If you have any questions or queries, please contact our sales and technical teams on 028 2827 5150.