BPC Ventilation are pleased to have been able to help Amber-May in donating a ventilation system that will help to provide good indoor air quality to the rooms required. Amber-May requires 24-hour care, to be able to accommodate this her parents have extended their home to allow a separate part of their home so that she can be cared for in her own space.

Amber-May requires her own special bedroom and wet room where nurses and family can come in and out to care for her. Amber-May’s family have been working very hard to raise awareness and try to get any help they can. When the team at BPC heard this family’s story, we knew we had to do anything we could to help.

Our Donation

BPC donated a Vent-Axia MVDC-MSH, this is a mechanical extract ventilation unit that is highly efficient and works by extracting air from up to 6 selected rooms in a home. By extracting air from inside rooms it removes any moisture and any potential pollutants in the air, meaning that the indoor quality is at optimum quality.

MEV Solution

A mechanical extraction ventilation (MEV) unit continuously runs at near silent levels providing a simple but effective form of extract ventilation. By extracting air it prevents condensation, mould growth and risk of pollutants from building up inside a home.

This was the best solution Amber-May as it operates continuously, has quiet operation, low running costs and because it replaces conventional extractor fans that may be noisy and less effective. A MEV unit is beneficial over extractor fans as they can make significant energy savings as fans may create draughts, air leakage and heat loss but with an MEV system this will not happen.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is so important in all homes, sometimes our indoor air can be worse than the outdoor air! Having good indoor air quality is essential for the health of the occupants to have a healthy living environment.

We are pleased to have been able to help Amber-May and her family. Would you like to find out more about Amber-May’s story? Check out the website for more information. If you would be able to help, see the list of equipment that the family require.