The peak of comfort, efficiency, and low energy costs

Even at extreme outdoor temperatures.

Environmentally friendly.

Wide range of solutions: floor heating, radiators, and fan coils.

Panasonic air source heat pumps are an eco-friendly, affordable, and safe way to heat your home when compared to traditional electrical, gas and oil heating systems that are now being phased out of production due to climate change regulations.

Ideal for houses requiring a compact system the Panasonic All in One provides domestic hot water, heating, cooling and if required ventilation from compact unit. The All-in-One system is split into two parts of a compact outdoor unit of a fan and compressor and a compact all in one indoor unit that has the heat exchanger and maintenance free stainless-steel cylinder and optional heat recovery ventilation unit.

Aquarea heat pumps are low energy and have been designed to create an ideal temperature along with hot water in the home – even when the outdoor temperature is extremely cold. Aquarea heat pumps systems are elite over alternative gas, oil and other electrical heating and water systems, this is because Aquarea are safer, cleaner, more environmentally friendly and lower in costs.

Aquarea is an innovative, low-energy system, designed to help homeowners enjoy ideal temperatures and hot water in the home, even with extreme outdoor temperatures. Aquarea is far cleaner, safer, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than alternatives such as using gas, oil and other electrical systems.

Panasonic air source heat pumps has more than 30 years’ experience and sell to over 120 countries worldwide. It is clear to see that Panasonic is one of the world leading manufacturers in the heating and cooling sector. They aim to provide excellence in product design, manufacture, and sustainability. We are extremely pleased to become a Panasonic air source heat pumps distributor!

Panasonic Aquarea Air to Water Heat Pumps

Mono-Bloc System: this system comprises an outdoor unit that is linked to the heating and/or the hot water but it has no refrigerant connection.
Bi-Block System: this system connects to the heating and/or hot water. (Not stocked at BPC)

There are three different versions available:

  • Aquarea High Performance: Suitable for low consumption houses. They perform optimally even at low temperatures, and they can work either independently or along with heating sources already in place.
  • Aquarea T-Cap: Supplies the heat needed even at low temperatures as -7°C or -15°C without auxiliary heating sources.
  • Aquarea HT: Best fits homes with traditional high-temperature radiators as it is able to keep a temperature of 65°C even at -20°C alone.

How do they work?

Aquarea air source heat pumps work by capturing fresh air from outside to cool or heat the property, they are designed so as to create maximum thermal comfort.

Most home heating systems that we are all familiar with will use either burn fuel such as oil or gas, or use convert electricity into heat. Air source heat pumps are different as they do not generate heat.

Rather than generating heat, they move existing heat energy from outside into your home. They are highly efficient because they deliver more heat energy than the electricity they consume. Because of this, a heat pumps system usually costs less than gas, oil or electrical heating systems.

Differently to gas and oil burners, air source heat pumps also deliver heat even at lower outdoor temperatures.

Air source heat pumps in Northern Ireland work best in homes that are well insulated, you can do this by:

  • Ensuring that your loft is well insulated
  • Have cavity wall insulation wherever possible
  • Double glazing windows

Aquarea air source heat pumps provide the best of both worlds in one system as it works to heat your both your home and water.

  1. Air source heat pumps take in air from outside to heat a refrigerant
  2. the pump uses electricity to compress the liquid to increase the temperature. This then condenses back into a liquid to release stored heat
  3. Heat is then sent to radiators or underfloor heating the remainder is stored in a hot water cylinder
  4. Stored hot water can be used for taps, showers, and baths

Benefits of Air to Water Heat Pumps

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Can operate even at low temperatures
  • Able to both heat and cool your home
  • Operation suitable even in low outdoor temperatures
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Highly efficient
  • No fuel deliveries required
  • You become legible for the UK Governments renewable energy heat incentive -
  • 7 years warranty when installed by an approved installer
  • An effective, low carbon energy solutions for a wide range of situations
  • Suitable for both modern properties and older homes
  • Provides renewable energy heating, whatever the weather
  • Provide significant heating cost savings
  • Up to 50% CO2 savings over conventional heat pumps systems
  • SAP appendix Q listed for new builds

R32 Refrigerant: A ‘small’ change that changes everything

Panasonic recommends R32 because it is comparably environmentally friendly. Compared to R22 and R410A, R32 has a very low potential impact on the depletion of ozone layer and global warming.

In line with the European Countries who are concerned in protecting and maintaining the environment by participating in the Montreal Protocol to protect the Ozone Layer and prevent Global Warming, Panasonic is leading the switch to R32.

R32 benefits

  • High efficiency A+++
  • Greater energy savings
  • Zero impact on the ozone layer
  • 75% less impact on global warming

Panasonic Aquarea air source heat pumps are smart and are able to be controlled via your smartphone. Aquarea units can also be serviced via the Aquarea service cloud. The Aquarea Service Cloud allows installers to take care of their customers’ heating systems remotely. It saves time and money and shortens the response time, thus increasing the customers’ satisfaction.

Check out a demo to find out more about heat pumps and the remote system control made simple.

View more info on Aquarea Smart cloud for end users. As well as air source heat pumps we also have Panasonic Tanks, Panasonic fan coils and Panasonic Heat Recovery You can view all our Panasonic products here.