Ceiling Cooling via piped panels or tiles, Radiana delivers the perfect environment.

This innovative 3-component climate control system is unmatched by other cooling products, because the system integrates humidity regulation, dew point control and variable radiant energy output via composite plasterboard panels, thereby maximising cooling capacity, thermal comfort, and energy conservation.

The Radiana system has a host of benefits over traditional forced-air systems. Whether you’re the main contractor, installer, or homeowner, you will enjoy the benefits that Radiana can bring to your residential project.

Meet the Radiana Panel

Radiana is a prefabricated sandwich panel assembly that consists of a 50mm thick EPS board and a gypsum panel glued together. In between the two, over the EPS board, aluminium heat transfer plates are laid down with specially shaped channels for water pipes.

The panel can be cut to size: in half, length wise and width wise, and into sub-panels to better cover smaller areas. Thus, all your building requirements are fulfilled. One panel – endless possibilities.

An Integrated Smart Solution

The Panel – the panel consists of a 37.5mm thick pre-formed EPS board and a plasterboard panel bonded together and is very easy to install and maintain. The panel can be cuit to size to fulfil almost any building requirement

The Climate Control System – the climate control system integrates a unique radiant fluid technology to modulate radiant fluid temperature so that surfaces stay above dew point. It controls energy resources with multi-staging, domestic hot water, heat recovery ventilation based on indoor air quality and neutral temperature dehumidification.

The Radiana App – The Radiana app gives you full control of the radiant colling and heating system from anywhere in the world. It features a friendly and intuitive user interface to control this sophisticated system and fits seamlessly into your life to provide the perfect Thermal WellbeingTM, precisely when and where you want it.

Controls – Radiana provides several smart control options for the home.


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