How Does a Rotary Heat Exchanger Work?

A rotary heat exchange is based on the accumulation principle, it works as the rotating aluminium wheel is heated up by the warmth from the extract indoor air, this heat is then transferred to air that is taken in from outdoors and is filtered, heated and then supplied to the living areas around your home.

A rotary heat exchanger may also be known as a condensing or thermal heat exchanger as in lower temperatures, humidity from extracted air condenses on the rotor surface and humidifies the air that is brought in from outdoors to be able to still provide indoor thermal comfort.

Rotary Heat Exchanger

-Suitable for all climates especially cold areas due to the fact they will not freeze even in the coldest of temperatures
-No condensation drain required
-No preheater required
-Can cope with larger air volumes than counterflow heat exchangers
-Are suited for use with air conditioning
-Aluminium rotary exchangers are built to last a lifetime
-Controls humidity while maintaining optimal thermal comfort
-Over 80% heat recovery

We stock Komfovent units that feature high quality rotary wheel heat recovery exchangers. Komfovent units are our top-quality range and will not disappoint on performance. Though these units may seem more expensive to some other brands we can assure you that with Komfovent you are getting the best of the best and they are more likely to provide a long-term better investment and come complete with a built in post heater.

Other Types of Heat Exchangers

There are options of heat exchangers and have their own advantages and disadvantages­­

Plate Heat Exchanger 

More commonly used in small scale applications but it is worth noting it as it can be commonly used in basic heat recovery units.

-Used in compact or single room units
-Commonly used and manufactured in China
-Usually only recover up to 65% of normally lost heat.
-Condensation drain not always required due to low heat recovery rate

Counter Flow Heat Exchanger

An extremely popular heat exchanger that has proven performance

-Provides up to 95% heat recovery
-Air streams cannot mix
-Suitable for use to 2°C without the use of a preheater
-Excellent humidity removal during winter months
-Can be constructed of PVC or Aluminium

RHP Two Stage Heat Recovery

Komfovent RHP units features 2 methods of heat recovery – rotary heat exchanger and heat pump recovery.

These are the top of the range and most efficient units here at BPC, we highly recommend these units to customers that are looking the best, there is no other unit like this that provides a 5 in 1 ventilation unit with ventilation, cooling, humidity control, air filtration and supplementary heating. Read more about it here on the Komfovent website.

The Importance of Heat Recovery Units

Heat recovery systems are an important addition into your home as they will provide a thermal comfort for you and your family. They filter air, supply clean and fresh filter air while simultaneously extracting stale and old air – they provide the best indoor air quality and give you a healthier and happier home.


Learn more about ventilation building Regulations here!

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