Salda has been in business since 1990 and is committed to continuously investing in production equipment, staff training, and product development, which has been a cornerstone of its success. New products are tested at one of the most modern testing laboratories in Europe, where every air handling unit, for example, undergoes a rigorous testing sequence, including performance under extreme climatic conditions (air temperature from -35C to {+}40C, relative humidity 90%).

When you look at the above and consider Salda`s commitment and expansion over the last 30 years, it's easy to see why they are one of Europe’s leading players in the ventilation field.


The Smarty 3X is designed for the ventilation of apartments and houses up to approximately 150 m2. Compact in size, it enables space-saving by installing above-standard household electronic appliances like washing machines.

An integrated pre-heater 1,200 W is used for frost protection. Min. outdoor air temperature: -15C.

The efficient plastic counter-flow heat exchanger of the Smarty 3X V 1.1 reaches up to 89% of the heat recovery rate.
An airtight casing made from EPP minimizes leakages both internally and externally. Airtightness is tested at the production line thus ensuring no smells from the extracted air will return to the premises. Due to EPP insulation, the unit itself weighs only 42 kg.

The MVHR can be controlled by an external control pane, via the internet, or via a mobile app. Some accessories may be required to achieve the desired functionality. The timer is integrated into the unit’s control board for energy-friendly control. External CO2, relative humidity, and pressure sensors can be connected for fully automated ventilation control.

Salda Smarty 3X Passive House Complete Heat Recovery System Kit

For Only £ 1,900.00 plus VAT!!

This exceptional quality basic kit & offer comprises: -

1 X Salda Smarty Passive House Approved MVHR Unit
1 X Salda ST-SA Digital Controller
5 X Quiet-Vent Extract Air Valve PVC
7 X Quiet-Vent Supply Air Valve PVC
12 X Standard 90 degree Domus plenums
2 X Quiet-Vent 10-Point Distribution Boxes
2 X 75mm x 50m Rolls of Antibacterial Radial Pipe
2 X PVC White Exterior Grille

Associated 150mm PVC Ducting, Insulation and Fittings for the System.