What is Single Room MVHR?

Single Room MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery) is a through the wall unit that is designed for single room applications.

Single room heat recovery works in the same way that a whole house heat recovery system would by extracting damp and stale air to prevent condensation and mould. It also supplies fresh, filtered air, and can recover normally lost heat.

Single room units are easier to install and in some cases are suitable to replace existing extractor fans.

Single Room Heat Recovery Applications

Single room heat recovery is best suited to projects where a full system is possibly not an option due to space or not being suitable for the requirements of renovation, but still provide good indoor air quality in specific chosen room.

Single room heat recovery units are the perfect solution for better indoor air quality in flats and apartments.

Benefits of Single Room Heat Recovery

The main benefit of installing a heat recovery system is that it will improve your indoor air quality. Improved indoor air quality allows your home or workplace to have a healthier living and working environment with better thermal comfort even allowing in higher concentration levels.

Single room heat recovery units provide:

  • Up to 80% thermal efficiency
  • Ideal for one bedroom and bathroom
  • Quiet operation
  • Improved air quality and comfort

How Does Heat Recovery Work?

Heat recovery units are units designed to improve indoor air quality on a room-by-room basis. Single Room units tend to be more efficient than traditional extract ventilation systems such as extractor fans.

Heat recovery units work by continuously extracting moist air from rooms in the home, which is especially important in bathrooms, utility rooms and kitchens. Unlike in traditional extraction systems, when fresh air is supplied from outside, it collects heat from the extracted air before entering the room. This heat energy transfer can help save money on energy costs, because it keeps temperatures more constant than when opening windows for ventilation. The heat from the extracted air is recycled and transferred back into the room to keep a comfortable indoor air temperature.

Our Range of Units

Our range of single room and compact heat recovery units are suitable for single room applications such as bedrooms/bathrooms in nursing homes, hotel rooms and residential care homes.

Single room MVHR units are popular in places such as offices, here at BPC we even have a few Mitsubishi VL100s in our offices to help improve the indoor air quality and provide a better indoor air environment for our staff.

Most single room heat recovery units are designed to be wall mounted and are easy to install without much invasion.

Vent Axia Tempra

The Vent-Axia Tempra through-the-wall range of heat recovery ventilation units simultaneously extract stale air and introduce fresh air and warming the incoming airflow with heat recovered from the exhaust stream.

Mitsubishi VL100 Range

The wall mounted VL-100 is an efficient single room heat recovery unit for residential homes and small offices that require fresh, clean air and the removal of stale air with minimal heat loss.

VL-100 range has two different versions of control, your can choose between a wall switch model or a pull cord model.

Vent Axia HR100R & HR100RS

Vent Axia HR100R is a heat recovery unit that is suitable for single room applications such as bedrooms/bathrooms in nursing homes, hotel rooms and residential care homes. It features top access is an ideal solution for loft installations.

The HR100RS model is ideal for single bedroom/bathroom applications such as hotel rooms, nursing homes and residential care homes. The HR100RS features bottom access and is ideal for installation on the ceiling slab above a suspended ceiling.

Check out more about the product by clicking on the image to see product information and technical specifications for each unit!

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