What is Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating is the installation of pipework under your floor that is heated from a boiler or heat pump. It is an easy and energy efficient way to heat your home and allows the whole floor to act like a radiator and your room is heated from the ground upwards.

With underfloor heating you do not require radiators which is perfect, especially in open living plan areas as you will have more design flexibility with no radiators obstructing space for furniture.

Benefits of Underfloor heating

- Up to 25% more efficient than radiators
- Great controllability in every room
- Suitable for boilers and Heat Pumps
- Little Maintenance and longer lifespan
- Frees up wall space
- No cold areas in the room and Warm feet
- Increases value of your home

How Does it Work?

This underfloor heating system is installed onto rigid insulation, then covered with either traditional screed or liquid screed.

Underfloor heating allows better comfort levels and has less demand on your boiler than a traditional radiator system would and works well alongside renewable technologies such as heat pumps as the heating water required is just 45°.

Underfloor Heating Pipe

Underfloor heating pipe is high quality German manufactured. It is available in multiple coil sizes to ensure easy and accurate installation. Pipe work is installed into the clip rail following the drawings that will be laid out in your plan.

Flow pipes should be fitted with conduit to reduce heat loss between manifold and the room to be heated. Cover with 50-75mm screed and allow to dry before installing floor coverings.

System Control

Underfloor heating is controlled via Neo thermostats. Neo controllers are available in black, white, and silver and have different settings. Programmable settings include:
- Manual
- 5/2 day
- 7 day
- 24 hours

They feature many options and allow optimum set up. You can also install remote sensors for the floor temperature control or for use in wet rooms.

Why use BPC Underfloor Heating Systems

As specialist designers and distributors, we supply the highest quality underfloor heating systems at trade costs

All projects are designed at quotation stage by using a specialist’s CAD program to establish the heat loss calculation of each room. By designing underfloor heating in this way, we can establish if the heating is adequate for each room to which it is to be installed.

Each system will include pre-built manifolds of your choice (boilers or heat-pumps), underfloor heating pipe, wiring centres, neo thermostats and CAD drawings with manuals and wiring diagrams.

Systems Includes
- Highest Quality solid brass manifolds
- Top Quality German pipe
- Factory assembled manifold
- Full heat loss calculations
- CAD pipe installation drawings
- Heatmiser Neo controls
- Edge insulation
- Pipe clip rail

Underfloor Heating Manifolds

Our underfloor heating manifolds are manufactured from solid brass that is nickel plated. Stainless steel manifolds are a lower cost alternative, but their quality is dependent on the grade of stainless used. Lower quality stainless steel can corrode which is why we only use manifold manufactured from solid brass.

This underfloor heating system is compatible with low temperature heat sources such as ground or air source heat pumps.

With Boiler

Boilers typically supply water at temperatures higher than is safe for use with underfloor heating. The manifold must mix this hot water with cooler water. This is done by the mixing unit, which recycles water that has already been around the underfloor heating pipes

The temperature is set on a thermostatic head connected to the mixing unit. Temperature gauges show the actual water temperature on both the supply and return valves.

With Heat Pumps

Heat pumps typically supply water at the correct temperature for use with underfloor heating. The heat pump manifold comes with a bypass valve, allowing a high flow to return to the heat pump. This ensure optimum heat pump efficiency and help to maximise the COP.

Underfloor Heating at BPC

To received a project price directly tailored to you, get in touch with our team on 028 2827 5150 / +353 15267452, or send us your plans (link) and reference ‘Underfloor Heating’ and we will get back to you with a proposal individually priced for you project. Any questions? Please contact us and our sales and technical teams will be happy to help you.