Vent-Angel is a Ventilation Fire Safety Unit suitable for domestic homes and apartments and can connect to any domestic smoke alarm.

Key Features

  • Designed to shut off your ventilation system in the event of a fire
  • Controls Fire Dampers
  • Controls Purge fans
  • Can control any device with up to 240v/ 200w and 3A mains supply
  • Connects to any type of domestic 240v smoke alarm (relay base required)
  • Can connect to a commercial fire alarm
  • Test and reset wall mounted control panel included
  • Suitable for any building using mains smoke alarms
  • Complies with part F fire safety regulations
  • Voltage – 240V
  • Power rating: 200W
  • CE marked

The unit simple to install or retrofit and comes complete with a discrete wall mounted control panel to test and reset the system.

Why Use a Vent-Angel?

Specially designed for apartments and properties that have very high fire safety or building control requirements.

If in a confined area with fire zones it is recommended that all air supply systems are switched off and if a fire has started the contaminated air should be removed as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, due to newer building regulations an apartment and other types of property may have few or no openable windows meaning there is nowhere for the smoke to go other than opening the front fire door and if there is a purge fan it will not automatically be switched on

But by using a Vent-Angel it is now possible to control the MVHR unit, Purge fans and dampers automatically from a single domestic smoke detector.

How Does it Work?

The Vent-Angel is suitable for all types and makes of ventilation units or as a trigger for dampers and purge fans.

The unit is very easy to install or retrofit by simply wiring your power supply to the Vent-Angel and in turn connect the Ventilation units or any other device to the Vent-Angel with the smoke alarm signal cable.

To reset or test the vent-angel simply press the switch on the supplied illuminated wall controller, and to allow you to test the domestic smoke alarm there is a built-in activation delay built in the unit.

The Vent Angel Kit comes complete with the following

  • 1 x Vent Angel unit
  • 1 x Vent Angel Test/Reset switch plate
  • 1 x 15m length of 9 core YY cable 1 x 4mm O ring crimp
  • 2 x Lockable Glands (FUW optional Fire Damper / Purge unit)

Check out the video!

Can it be added to any system?

It can be added to most ventilation systems including:

  • New MVHR systems
  • Existing MVHR systems
  • Connects to type of mains smoke alarm (relay base required)
  • Controls Fire Dampers
  • Controls Purge fans

For any questions or queries regarding the Vent-Angel or any of our ventilation systems please contact us on 028 2827 5150 / info@bpcventilation,com or you can visit our website.