Ventilation is important in all buildings, and especially important in buildings that provide a specialised service such as dental surgeries and beauty therapy salons where there may be multiple rooms requiring ventilation. High pollution levels can be caused during the operation hours in a dental surgery include a rise of harmful gases including CO2, total VOCs and Particulate Matter. VOCs (volatile organic compounds) would also be very present in beaty salons due to all the treatments that take place including solutions for nails, waxing and cleaning.

The corona virus is said to be viable in suspended aerosols up to three hours and therefore this can be problematic as appointments are much closer than 3 hours apart. Places such as dental, beauty salons and places that provide service to people in close parameters so therefore it is important to take further methods in improving indoor air quality.

Dental surgeries and beauty salons may be some of the last things to go back to normal as the corona virus lock down begins to ease. Although this may be frustrating for business owners and clients alike, these are the places where people are in close contact and to perform dental examinations and provide beauty treatments, social distancing is not really an option. Along with following government guidelines for these premises, we recommend one of the best things you can do is to install a mechanical ventilation system.

Why Install Ventilation?

We have lots of ventilation systems that are easy to install at any time, from single room solutions, extract fans and whole building ventilation solutions. Our experienced team will work with you to ensure that you are getting the correct system for you project.

Natural ventilation and opening windows are not enough, this is why mechanical ventilation is essential. Mechanical Ventilation works via a system of valves, ducting, grilles with a mechanical ventilation unit. Ventilation expels old stale and brings in fresh, new, and clean air. This is especially important when your business is reopening, and you need ventilation to ensure that the indoor air quality inside your building is good and safe for staff and patients/clients.

It is important to install ventilation and not air conditioning due to the recirculation of air. A mechanical ventilation system cannot be compared to air conditioning. Ventilation systems provides fresh and filters air from outside where air condition systems recirculate air, meaning that it could be reintroducing harmful germs and pathogens into the air.

Our ventilation systems do not require a specialist to install or maintain. Whereas air conditioning systems require both a large internal and external unit with interconnecting pipes, carrying refrigerant that require specialist contractors to install and maintain.

Benefits of Heat Recovery in Commercial Premises

  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Co2 levels kept down reducing fatigue and tiredness
  • Prevents mould and condensation
  • Provides thermal comfort
  • Recovery of normally lost heat during cold days
  • Controlled circulation of filtered outdoor air during warm days
  • All air is filtered reducing contaminants and pollen levels
  • Continuous fresh air reducing airborne bacteria and germs
  • Reduces the number of pathogens in air, reducing the risk of viruses spreading

Air Changes Per Hour

  air changes per hour

It is recommended that most general rooms usually require from 4-6 air changes an hour. But as marked in the table above you can see that dental surgeries require from 12-15 air changes an hour. We have also marked that hair dressing salons require 10-15 air changes an hour, although beauty salons may require higher air change rates depending on the treatment. Please remember that the above figures are only a guideline and are subject to change depending on the room size and procedure.

The Cost of a Ventilation System

Running ventilation systems are much less costly than people may think. It costs from a little as a few pounds per month to run, which is only a small price to pay for good indoor air quality for you, your customers, clients, and patients. The more effeicnet your system is the lower your energy and heating bills will be. Ensure that air that is being supplied from outside and from a non-contaminated place. Check out our blog about ventilation costs for more information.

Ventilate with BPC

We have a range of ventilation for lots of domestic premises, for more info on commercial MVHR check out our knowledge centre. Or why not head over to our blog to find out the importance of ventilation in educational settings.

No matter what setting you need ventilation for, we are here to help you get a system directly tailored to your project. Contact our team on 028 2827 5150 and we will be happy discuss your project requirements. Alternatively you can send us your project plans and we can provide you with an accurate ventilation solution for you.