Marrying Tradition and Technology

In the picturesque landscape near Ballynure, Antrim, a beautiful manor house was recently upgraded to modernise its ventilation system while preserving its historical charm. The project was spearheaded by BPC Ventilation in collaboration with highly skilled local installers, showcasing how cutting-edge technology can seamlessly integrate with heritage properties. The choice of the Vent Axia Plus B system highlights BPC's commitment to delivering tailored solutions that respect architectural integrity while enhancing living comfort.

Project Scope: Customised Ventilation for Enhanced Living

The primary objective of this project was to improve the air quality and energy efficiency of the manor without disturbing its aesthetic essence. The Vent Axia Plus B system was selected for its superior capabilities and suitability for the large scale of the property, covering 400 square meters. With a high heat recovery efficiency of up to 91%, the system ensures that the manor maintains a warm and comfortable atmosphere, crucial for the often damp Irish climate while optimising energy use.

System Specifications and Installation Insights

  • Airflow Optimisation: The system setup included 13 air supply valves and 10 air extraction valves, thoughtfully placed to ensure balanced airflow throughout the manor. This strategic placement guarantees efficient circulation of fresh air and removal of stale, humid air from the interiors.

  • Advanced Ducting Network: The installation team configured a discreet yet effective ducting network, utilising 8 rolls of radial ducting connected via 4 distribution boxes. This setup is crucial for maintaining the visual integrity of the property's interiors while ensuring optimal ventilation system functionality.

  • Intuitive Control SystemsThe integration of a digital unit-mounted controller, complemented by optional boost switch control and an interactive app, allows for effortless management of the ventilation system. These modern controls offer the flexibility to adjust settings according to varying indoor air requirements.

  • Humidity Management: An internal humidity sensor was installed to manage indoor moisture levels actively, enhancing comfort and preventing structural dampness issues common in older buildings.

Local Expertise in Installation

The installation was executed by a team of local professionals who specialise in adapting modern ventilation solutions to traditional buildings. Their extensive experience in Northern Ireland, coupled with a robust partnership with BPC Ventilation, ensured a high standard of installation that respects the architectural nuances of the manor. Their expert understanding of regional climatic conditions and building norms further ensured that the installation was both effective and compliant.

Economic and Environmental Impact 

Investing in such a high-calibre system comes with upfront costs but offers significant long-term benefits:

  • Economic Savings: The project utilised two Vent Axia Kinetic Plus B units at a total cost of £4,036.78 after discounts, a substantial saving from the retail price, underscoring BPC Ventilation's commitment to providing value.

  • Sustainability Gains: The premium radial ducting kits, essential for efficient air distribution, were procured for £1,787.78, reflecting thoughtful expenditure towards sustainable building practices. The additional controls enhanced the system's responsiveness and user interaction, making the system not only more efficient but also adaptable to specific user needs.

Thoughtful Modernisation

This ventilation upgrade project at the manor house near Ballynure is a prime example of how modern technology can enhance the functionality of historical properties without compromising their character. Thanks to the meticulous work of BPC Ventilation and their team of local installers, the manor now enjoys improved air quality, energy efficiency, and overall comfort, proving that you can indeed teach an old house new tricks.