The cost of a heat recovery system is different for every costumer and application. Whole house heat recovery systems are tailored to each individual application and are based on the house size, how many extract and supply points are required and the requirements of the heat recovery unit itself.

The price of a whole system depends on:

-       The size of home

-       The amount of extract and supply points

-       The amount of ducting required

-       The unit that is required

-       The unit that is preferred - some units may be suitable for the same sized house but may come with different features, this could involve choosing between different manufacturers

-       Controllers and accessories

-       If you require installation

Facts and Figures
At BPC we aim to provide the highest quality system at the lowest possible price.

Our units’ range in costs from £240 for single room heat recovery units and from £700 for heat recovery units for larger domestic applications.

A heat recovery system with all ductwork can cost from £1000 upwards for a house of up to 150 m2. Certainly, this is dependent on various factors such as the size of your house, number of wet rooms and the size of unit you have.

Return of Investment
Because there is a constant supply of recovered warm air, your energy costs are reduced  and your initial investment could be paid back within 5 years. Ventilation systems cost pennies to run coming in at around 10p per day.

Highest quality systems at lowest possible prices

Without doubt a heat recovery system will save you money on your energy bills. A system in a domestic property can recover up to 95% of normally lost heat, therefore, saving you up 25% on your heating bills compared to using window trickle vents and bathroom fans.

One thing to keep in mind when thinking about purchasing a heat recovery system, is that in the next few years energy prices are certain to increase so a system which reduces your costs is sure to be a benefit.

Although purchasing and installing a whole house heat recovery system may seem costly, it is well worth it. It is a worthwhile investment not only in costs but also in health, cleanliness and makes your home a better place to live.

DIY Installation
Although installing a system may seem expensive, it is a well worth investment, it will save you a lot of money in energy bills and is also a great addition to any home with the many benefits it creates.

There are considerable savings to be made for those of you that may consider installing a system yourself. BPC offer comprehensive, pre-made MVHR kits. To give you an example, a 130 m2 house with three bedrooms, kitchen and two bathrooms would cost you only *£2200 +VAT for a Vent Axia DIY Kit.

Our kits are also suitable to be installed as DIY projects, this would save you money on installation costs.

Check out our video - Quiet-Vent Radial Install Guide.

If DIY installation isn’t for you, we have a large network of trusted installers across the UK and Ireland. Our installers can also commission your system for you. You can go directly with most of our installations or the installer can work through BPC for your project.and build-up of toxic gases and provides an ideal environment for condensation, mould, dust mites and unpleasant smells.

If you need installation for your project, fill in our installation enquiry online form.

Trade Discounts
We offer discounts to trade costumers, this is a genuine discount and not off retail costs. This discount applies to trade costumers only and does not apply to one off sales or self-builders. Apply for trade discounts here.

0% Finance
BPC can offer your 12 months 0% finance on orders over £500. You can pay for your system in monthly instalments. To apply for finance, simply select pay by instalments at checkout. Finance options are through Divido.

To be suitable for finance you must:
- be employed, retired and have a regular monthly income
- be a UK resident, are over 18 and be able to supply 3 years history of address
- have a good credit history
- have a debit or credit card

Our Manufactures
At BPC we stock a wide range of units from leading manufactures. We can ensure that quality will never be comprised, our manufactures include:

BPC can design, supply and install ventilation systems that will supply fresh air to your home and extract stale and moist air. Check out our knowledge centre for more information on our range of ventilation systems.

Contact Us
If you would like any more information on our systems and how they improve indoor air quality, contact us! BPC Ventilation specialise in heat recovery for any premises including all sized homes and both small or large commercial premises. We can design, supply and if required install your system for you!

For more information on prices and whole heat recovery systems and for more information on our products and services, call our sales and technical teams on 028 2827 5150 and we will be happy to help! Alternativity you can visit our website for our range of products.

*All prices correct at time of blog publication – January 2019