In October 2021 Zehnder Group, one of the most respected and successful names in the industry, signed a new contract to acquire 75% of its then-rival Caladair.

Caladair was founded in 1979 and is based in Mâcon located in the Burgundy region. With around 80 employees the company designs & manufactures its own range of high-efficiency ventilation & thermodynamic systems used mainly in the commercial sector.

Through the purchase, Zehnder Group now can expand its product offering to include Large-Scale units for social housing as well as commercial buildings.

Going forward it is still business as usual with Caladair remaining in its current HQ under the management of the current Managing Director.

Zehnder Group, headquartered in Switzerland, is represented worldwide and is the market leader in Europe for customised radiators, heating and cooling ceilings and high-performance ventilation. For over 100 years Zehnder has been providing solutions for indoor comfort and well-being: heating, cooling, ventilation and air purification. The brand is committed to meeting the highest standards of quality and reliability for every project, as well as providing excellent service.

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