Central Vacuum Benefits

Enjoy the benefits of a cleaner and healthier home every time you quietly vacuum

Healthier home

With a 3 stage 99.9% filtration of vacuumed air, our system provides up to 60% reduction of airborne dust and pollen.


Insert a tight to carry hose to the fitted wall inlet valve and vacuum or sweep up into an automatic sweep inlet.


Because the unit is in the garage or utility area you are able to vacuum around the house and you will not disturb anyone.


Up to 5 times more powerful than a conventional drag around vacuum with no bags to empty.


If looked after a life span of 20 years is not uncommon and our systems have up to a 6-year guarantee to provide peace of mind.


Sachvac have the choice of 8 models to suit all types of domestic properties.

Digital Display

With the digital model you can view all information provided by the control panel on the unit from the remote display installed on the wall in your house.

No dust bags

Sachvac vacuums use a three-stage cyclonic filtration that requires no bags and are supplied with a large container to facilitate less frequent emptying.


The digital units are controlled by a variable speed switch on the handle for cleaning versatility and energy savings.

Sach are European leaders in central vacuum systems through constant investment in research and development since the company was founded in 1992 and are able to offer you one of the most technically advanced central vacuum systems available.