In the realm of contemporary homes, the emphasis on indoor air quality often remains understated. Yet, it's a crucial element that significantly influences our overall well-being. Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems have emerged as the silent helpers of our indoor environment.

Today, we're focusing on a product that's making waves in this arena: the BSK Zephyr Single Room Heat Recovery Unit.

The BSK ZEPHYR: A Blend of Innovation and Efficiency

The BSK Zephyr embodies the fusion of cutting-edge technology with meticulous design. Crafted for discerning homeowners, it promises pristine air quality and remarkable energy efficiency coupled with silent operation.

Energy Efficiency at its Best

The heart of the BSK Zephyr Single Room Heat Recovery Unit lies in its unparalleled A+ rated 4-speed high-performance motor. In its night-time mode, the unit consumes a mere 1.2 watts, making it a beacon of energy efficiency. This ensures that your home remains warm and cosy but doesn't contribute to a soaring energy bill.

Silence is Golden

One of the standout features of the BSK Zephyr is its quiet operation. With a noise level as low as 3.6 dBA in its night-time mode, it ensures that your peaceful moments remain undisturbed, allowing you to enjoy the serenity of your space.

Mastering Heat Recovery

At the very core of the unit is a top-quality ceramic heat recovery system. This system will ensure up to 90% heat recovery. In simpler terms, it ensures that fresh air circulates in your home and the warmth doesn't escape. Striking a perfect balance between ventilation and warmth.

Adapting to Humidity with Precision

The built-in humidity sensor is another feather in the cap for the BSK Zephyr. This intuitive feature can detect and manage excess humidity levels, ensuring spaces remain fresh, comfortable, and free from the risks of mould and dampness.

Versatility in Ventilation

Whether you're looking to recover heat, extract warm air, or simply introduce fresh air from the outside, this unit offers a tailored experience. With its three distinct ventilation modes, homeowners can ensure that each room receives the specific care it needs.

Seamless Control and Connectivity

With the modern homeowner in mind, the BSK Zephyr Single Room Heat Recovery Unit comes with an IR remote control, ensuring effortless access to its myriad features. The built-in Wi-Fi takes this a step further, allowing for wireless pairing of multiple devices across your home, creating a harmonised ventilation experience.

Effortless Maintenance and Installation

Maintenance is often a concern with advanced systems but not with the BSK Zephyr. The design allows for user convenience, and filter maintenance is straightforward and hassle-free. Moreover, its flexible installation options ensure it integrates seamlessly, whether in a new build or a retrofit.

A Breath of Fresh Air in Modern Homes

The BSK Zephyr Single Room Heat Recovery Unit is more than just a ventilation unit; it's a commitment you can make to enhance your living space. It promises fresh air, energy savings, silent operation, and an unparalleled user experience. For those keen on blending technology with well-being, it is an indispensable addition to the modern home.