• The heat exchanger block within these units can recover up to 95% of the normally wasted heat. The two independent fans have full-speed control for background and boost ventilation rates.
  • The HRXE-ZEUS range has a summer bypass function. In warmer months this function automatically activates to ensure the property is being well-ventilated and comfort levels are maintained in the home by continuously drawing in fresh filtered air into the habitable rooms.
  • Due to its intelligent design, there will be no reduction in airflow when operating in bypass mode resulting in enhanced performance.
  • Designed to provide optimised balanced (supply and extract) mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and listed on the PCDB.
  • Weight: 45kg


Codes                                          Description 

HRXE-ZEUS                                Standard unit with 100% bypass. 

HRXE-ZEUS-H                            Standard unit with 100% bypass and integral humidistat. 

HRXE-ZEUS-OP                         Opposite handed unit with 100% bypass. 

HRXE-ZEUS-OPH                      Opposite handed unit with 100% bypass and integral humidistat. 

HRXE-ZEUS-AV                         Anti-Vibration tray suitable for all HRXE-ZEUS models. 

397                                             Condensation Drain Kit for all HRXE-ZEUS models. 

SPR428                                      Replacement filters (Pair).


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