Cost Efficient MVHR system for retrofits and social housing

  • Suitable for first floor attic installation
  • Stops condensation and mould
  • Easy to install in hours not days
  • Limited pipework required downstairs
  • Quiet and efficient
  • Up to 88% heat recovery
  • Replaces Bathroom fans and window vents
  • Lowers heating costs
  • Integrated C02 and Humidity sensors
  • Integrated temperature sensors
  • Intelligent Condensation Smart Control




The Dual-Vent home ventilation system has been designed to provide an easy to install solution to cure condensation
and mould and to improve the homes internal climate to existing properties without excessive heat loss
Designed to continually extract polluted, humid air from the wet rooms and bedrooms through a heat exchanger in
order to extract this heat and transfer it back into the fresh air being supplied to the hallway
The intelligent smart control technology adjusts performance levels based on live readings from the building’s internal
climate, ensuring operation only when required to reduce energy use and deal with humidity issues in the most energy
efficient way.

Why Use a Dual-Vent

  • Heat recovery systems are a better option in
    winter months when you need ventilation
    the most than extraction only ventilation
    systems, which can cool the building in cold
    climates and extract heat unnecessarily
  • Why spend thousands in making your
    house airtight and well insulated just to put
    holes in the walls and extract all the heat
  • With traditional extract only ventilation, a
    house would need to be replace and heat
    the air again up to 12 times per day.
    However, with a heat recovery system, up
    to 90 per cent of this lost heat can be saved.
  • Window and wall vents may seem like a
    quick solution, but they allow exterior noise,
    uncontrolled drafts, and unfiltered air into
    the home. In new, airtight buildings, the use
    of window air vents becomes increasingly
    difficult or impossible.