BPC Ventilation are the leading and original pioneers of quality Heat Recovery (MVHR) Kits.

Our kits allow you to complete your project within budget and will provide you with the one of the quietest, most efficient ventilation systems available.

We can provide either a bespoke MVHR kit from your house plans with a location plan or if you are in a hurry or are completing a renovation project we can provide a off the shelf solution with the approximate required materials

Top Features:

Easy Installation: Our Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) ductwork systems have been specifically designed to be easy installed by any competent person and due to their design have up to 80% less fittings and can reduce installation time by over 50% less.

Quality Ductwork: MVHR ductwork is premaritally built into the fabric of the building and can be disruptive to replace, so it is worth investing in a high-quality system from the outset at the time of building or renovating. We have different ducting options including premium and standard.

Semi-Rigid Radial Ducting: Radial Ducting is a system of smooth bore pipes which are crushproof, semi flexible and have zero air loss. Premium radial ducting features an anti-static and antibacterial lining which individually connects each room to a manifold and are available in both circular (75mm or 90mm) and oval (51mm x 114mm) fittings. Radial ducting is suitable for any type of property; including timber framed houses, passive house approved homes and can be used in areas with limited access due to its 75mm diameter. Oval versions and 90mm ducting options radial ducting options are also available if required due to space or size or for units of bigger capacity.

MVHR Ducting Kits

Quiet-Vent standard semi rigid ducting kits are the perfect ducting choice for heat recovery systems and these Quiet-Vent kits are suitable with all makes and models of heat recovery units. You can upgrade to premium for an even more bespoke system. Check out our blog to find out more about MVHR Ducting Kits.

MEV Ducting Kits

MEV (DCV) units can be purchased on their own or in a MEV Kit.

MEV kits are a complete system which include an MEV unit of your choice with various options of type of ductwork for up to 7 separate areas.

Our comprehensive DIY kits have everything you should require installing the system to building control regulations. Kits include the correct ducting, connectors, grilles, valves, and installation materials for your chosen MEV unit.

Types of Ducting:

Radial Ducting:

Radial ducting is now the most popular choice for MVHR systems because of superior strength, airtightness and ease of installation, the crushproof duct is available in 75mm, 90mm, and 114x51diamaters in rolls of up to 50 meters.

Solid Rigid PVC Ducting:

Rigid/branched PVC ducting is extremely popular as a cost-effective ductwork solution on ventilation systems and is available from 100 to 150mm round and 110x54, 204x60 and 220x90 rectangular diameters.

Thermal Ducting:

Thermal branched ducting is made from EPP foam and is available in 125, 150mm round and 204x60 and 220x90 rectangular diameters


Metal ducting is always used on commercial applications and on larger domestic systems and is available in all sizes

Combi Flexible Duct:

PVC coated aluminium for better durability, normally used for final connections between solid rigid ductwork and air valves.

Flexible PVC or Aluminium Ducting:

Ranging from 80mm to 600mm flexible ducting is used for light duct applications and is available in various types (not recommended or approved for installation in new houses).

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Purchase Ducting Systems

All our ducting options are available online. You can purchase from our website or speak to our sales and technical teams to ensure that you are getting the correct system directly tailored to you.

To get a bespoke proposal directly tailored to your project send us your plans and we can provide you with this for all domestic or commercial properties.