As we welcome 2024, it's the perfect time to consider upgrading our homes for enhanced comfort, efficiency, and sustainability. BPC's range of Gerband products offers an array of solutions to improve your home's airtightness and energy efficiency. 

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This blog will explore the diverse Gerband products available through BPC, including sealing tapes, primers, sealants, aluminium foils, window tapes, and airtightness membranes, and how they can contribute to a smarter, more sustainable home in the new year.

Gerband 586 Sealing Tape: Ensuring Airtight Joints

Gerband 586 Sealing Tape is a versatile and robust solution for sealing joints and connections in your home. Measuring 60mm x 25m, this tape is designed for long-lasting durability and effectiveness. It's ideal for ensuring that the joints in your home are airtight, which is crucial for maintaining energy efficiency and preventing moisture ingress. Whether you're sealing around windows, doors, or other junctions, the Gerband 586 Sealing Tape provides a reliable seal that stands the test of time.

Gerband Primer 6300: The Foundation of Effective Sealing

Before applying any sealing tape, it's essential to have a clean and primed surface. The Gerband Primer 6300 is formulated to prepare surfaces for the application of sealing tapes and membranes. It enhances the adhesion of tapes to various substrates, ensuring a secure and long-lasting bond. This primer is a must-have for any sealing project, laying the groundwork for effective and durable airtightness solutions.

Gerband Fortax 6400 Sealants: Robust Protection Against the Elements

Gerband Fortax 6400 Sealants, available in 310ml tubes, are designed to provide a strong, flexible seal against air and moisture. These sealants are perfect for areas that require a durable and elastic seal, such as around window frames or in joints that experience movement. The Fortax 6400 Sealants are easy to apply and cure to form a resilient barrier, protecting your home from air leaks and moisture penetration.

Gerband 712 Aluminium Foil: Reflective and Protective

The Gerband 712 Aluminium Foil, measuring 50mm x 50m, is a versatile product with a range of applications. It's particularly useful for insulation purposes, reflecting heat and enhancing the thermal efficiency of your home. This aluminium foil is also an excellent barrier against moisture and vapour, adding an extra layer of protection to your insulation systems.

Gerband 350.10 Window Tape: Precision Sealing for Windows

Windows are critical areas for maintaining airtightness and insulation. The Gerband 350.10 Window Tape, at 75mm x 25m, is specifically designed for sealing around window frames. This tape ensures a tight seal that prevents air leaks and enhances the overall energy efficiency of your windows, contributing to a more comfortable and cost-effective home environment.

Upgrade Your Home with BPC's Gerband Solutions

As you look to make home improvements in 2024, consider the range of Gerband products offered by BPC. These solutions provide an effective way to enhance your home's airtightness, energy efficiency, and overall comfort. 

Remember, you can take 10% off these products in our special January sale. Start the new year right by investing in your home with BPC's Gerband products and enjoy a more sustainable, comfortable living space.