As the colder months approach, finding a warm and efficient home heating solution becomes a top priority. With our exclusive 10% off sale, now is the perfect time to upgrade your home with underfloor heating systems and Stuart Turner Heat Pumps. In this blog, we'll explore how these innovative solutions can transform your home into a cosy, energy-efficient haven.

The Modern Solution to Home Comfort

Underfloor heating systems are transforming the way we heat our homes, offering a level of comfort and efficiency that traditional radiators simply can't match. By choosing to install underfloor heating, homeowners are treated to an unparalleled experience of consistent warmth.

Imagine every step on your floor radiating a gentle, soothing heat, turning what were once cold, uninviting spaces into cosy, welcoming areas where you and your family can relax and unwind. This even distribution of heat not only eliminates cold spots but also contributes to a more balanced room temperature, enhancing the overall ambience of your living space.

Moreover, underfloor heating operates with remarkable efficiency. Unlike radiators, which can unevenly heat a room and often lead to wasted energy, underfloor systems use lower temperatures to achieve the same level of warmth. This means your heating system doesn't have to work as hard, leading to a noticeable reduction in energy bills. Over time, this efficiency translates into significant cost savings, making underfloor heating an investment that pays for itself.

Additionally, this efficiency has a positive impact on the environment. By reducing the amount of energy needed to heat your home, underfloor heating helps lower your carbon footprint, making it a choice that benefits not only your household but also the planet.

Stuart Turner Heat Pumps

At the forefront of modern heating efficiency is the Stuart Turner Pulse OEM 25-60/130 Insulated Pump. This premium circulator, capable of impressive flow rates and heads, serves as an ideal replacement for existing heating system circulators. Its automatic adapt, proportional pressure, constant pressure, and constant speed operating modes ensure optimal performance tailored to your heating needs.

The pump's EEI ≤ 0.20 rating signifies top-class energy efficiency, helping to lower energy costs. Equipped with ECM permanent magnet technology, it operates with reduced energy consumption while maintaining high performance. Safety is paramount, with built-in over-current, temperature, and overvoltage protection ensuring reliable operation. The user-friendly design, featuring an LED display control panel and a 1.3m cable, makes installation and operation straightforward.

Seamless Integration and Reliability

The design of the Stuart Turner Pulse OEM 25-60/130 Insulated Pump facilitates easy integration into existing heating systems. Its G 1½ threaded connection and included shrouded connector make installation hassle-free. The assurance of a 5-year warranty adds to the trust in its long-term reliability and performance, making it a wise investment for your home.

Warm Up Your Winter with BPC's Exclusive Offer

With our 10% off sale on underfloor heating and Stuart Turner Heat Pumps, upgrading your home heating system has never been more appealing. These solutions offer warmth, comfort, and remarkable energy efficiency. Why not embrace the winter season confidently by choosing BPC for your home heating needs?