Whether your project is a retrofit, renovation or you are updating a property, ventilation can be installed to any project!  Although some projects may be a slightly more intricate solution, here at BPC we will make your MVHR system install as straight forward as possible.

 “If you insulate you must ventilate”

Ventilation is vital in older buildings. Some people may find this strange as often the emphasis is placed on how to the make the building airtight and therefore things such as holes, gaps, and insulation are the things that are thought about first. Yes, these things are important so that no cold air can get in, but by making buildings extremely airtight causes them to have no air circulating creating condensation and mould, therefore a mechanical ventilation is highly needed.

It is common to hear that heat recovery does not work in older buildings, but this is not the case. It will still work but you may not get the highest efficiency from a system as you would if it were installed in a new home, but it is still a worthwhile and beneficial system

Other benefits on installing a MVHR system should not be overlooked and include:

- Improved indoor air quality
- Reduced humidity
- No bathroom fans or window vents required
- Reduction of outdoor noise and dust

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Without mechanical ventilation it causes the relative humidity of the air to be problematic. The relative humidity is the amount of water vapour that is in the air, relative to the maximum amount of air that can exist at that temperature. If relative humidity is not corrected it can cause poor indoor air quality causing problems such as condensation, mould and can have other affects such as contaminants, pet dander and VOC’s being trapped in the air and circulated throughout your home with no way to leave or be replaced with fresh clean air.

Poor Ventilation

Poor ventilation is quite common in older homes. Older period homes were originally designed to be heated with coal fires and to naturally breathe with having wall vents in the living areas.

With newer and expensive heating methods people were advised to insulate their homes by adding double glazing, insulation and sealing up holes but this has prevented air circulation and we now have a newer and larger issues of Toxic home syndrome causing condensation, mould, and possible health issues to the occupiers.

Ventilation in Older Homes

As with any existing property, we always recommend that heat recovery ventilation is installed during a time of renovation or before updating or making changes within your home as It could be invasive

If your home is not suitable or if you do not wish to disturb the home for a complete system to all the rooms, we would recommend that you install a system to all the bedrooms and bathrooms that are normally easy to do on a conventional 2 floor property.

Good Indoor Air Quality

Other ways to ensure and upkeep good indoor air quality include:

- Regularly checking and cleaning/changing your filters
- Dry washing outside as much as possible (the more you dry indoors creates more moisture)
- Use eco-friendly products when possible.

Heat recovery is the perfect solution as it will help regulate temperature while also improve your indoor air quality, making your home a healthier place for you and your family!

See Nuaire MVHR Product CataloguesQuiet-Vent MVHR Installation Manuals.

We have systems to suit all budgets and applications, from smaller flats to large homes - we have a solution for you! Get in touch or view our unit range and find out what unit best suits you!

Other options available could be through the wall unit single room heat recovery, mechanical extraction, or positive input ventilation units can be quite easily installed without much invasion.


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