A ventilation system is necessary for a healthy living environment and a mechanical ventilation system is the answer to it! An effective ventilation system is an essential part to a clean and healthy home.

Ventilation systems can be referred to any system that allows air to flow and move between the inside and outside of a property. Our best recommended system is a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery system (MVHR).

How Does MVHR Work
MVHR systems work by extracting stale, moist air from wet rooms in your home such as bathrooms, shower rooms, en suites, kitchens, and utilities while simultaneously supplying fresh, filtered, and clean air to the living areas of your home.

MVHR systems recover up to 95% of normally wasted heat from the extracted air, the pipes have no cross over so there will never be a mix of airflows. The heat recovery cell recovers the heat from the extracted air and stores it to use to heat the air that is brought in from outside and into living areas.

A heat recovery system works to prevent condensation by reducing moisture build up, meaning that there is reduce risk of condensation, damp, and mould.

Where to Place your MVHR Unit

MVHR units are usually placed in the loft or in a plant room, but you need to ensure there is access for maintenance such as filters and ensure to leave room for the condensate trap if the unit requires it.

Units that are installed in cold areas must have insulation on pipes that are bring air from outside. The unit should be ideally close to an external wall as it will minimises the length on the exhaust and intake duct runs. You can have your intake and exhaust vents through your wall or roof depending on what suits your installation best.

Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality can be linked to sick building syndrome/toxic home syndrome, asthma, headaches, reduced productivity, and impaired learning skills. Major indoor air pollutants include: Damp and mould, asbestos, carbon monoxide, smoke, and radon - a gas that is similar to carbon monoxide as we cannot see it, but it is even more dangerous.

Indoor air quality can be up to 5 times worse than outdoor air. The majority of people consider the dangers of poor outdoor air quality, but few consider the danger of poor indoor air quality. Having poor indoor air quality can have negative effects on our health and this is why it is so important to ventilate.

Having good indoor air quality can help health conditions such as hay fever, pollen allergies and asthma as the systems filters prevent allergen particles from entering your home.

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Types of MVHR Systems

Here at BPC we have a range of units and systems that suit all budgets and applications. We have MVHR units that can be installed in small apartments to large homes. Our range include units suitable for single room extraction, small apartments, and flat and larger units suitable for house sizes up to 500m2. We also have MVHR units for installation in commercial premises, ensuring that you have good indoor air quality and home and at work! Find out more about commercial heat recovery here.

Our top-quality unit range are the Komfovent RHP units, these units are unlike any other MVHR products currently on the market as this range provides cooling, ventilation, and supplementary heating whereas most units will only recover heat. Check them out here.

As well as MVHR units we also have everything else that you will require to have the best ventilation system. We can provide you with a full ducting kit as well as fittings, fixings, controllers, filters, and more that you may need for your installation and use of your ventilation system!