A heat Recovery Ventilation system (HRV) also known as mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR) is an energy recovery ventilation system that uses an air-to-air heat exchanger that recovers normally wasted heat while at the same time supplying fresh highly filtered air improving the indoor environment

Heat Recovery systems work independently from your heating system, but due to it recovering heat that is usually lost, it can have great savings on your energy bills!

A MVHR system virtually eliminates condensation and mould within a building by constantly ventilating a property. This means that that it eliminates the risk of structural and cosmetic damage as well as mould, and condensation. Being extremely efficient a MVHR system can recover up to 90% of heat being lost through extraction and transferal to incoming air.

See below to see how the airflow of a ventilation system works:

What are the Benefits of a Heat Recovery System?

A MVHR heat recovery system does so much more than recover the heat and is now one of the most cost-efficient way to improve your quality of life indoors

Other benefits include:

  • Improving your indoor air quality
  • Future proofing your home
  • Constant supply of fresh, filtered air in your home
  • Can recover up to 95% of heat extracted from wet rooms – kitchens, bathrooms, utilities
  • Eliminates damp, condensation & mould
  • Reduces health risks such as asthma
  • Reducing heating costs

The benefits of a MVHR system are more than just recovering the heat , for more benefits see our knowledge centre.

Heat Recovery Ventilation Technology

A MVHR system is available in many configurations to suit your building that include wall mounted units, Horizontal floor units and ceiling mounted units.

The most popular type of heat exchanger is one that uses a counterflow heat exchanger as they have a better heat recovery, less power consumption and the air streams cannot mix.

Another type of heat exchanger is the rotary wheel that are suited for large commercial projects like leisure centres as they can not freeze in the winter, but the air streams can mix at low levels.

BPC have a large range of heat recovery units:

  • Single room MVHR
  • Domestic ventilation units
  • Commercial MVHR units
  • Commercial air handling units

These units are from leading manufactures including

  • Vent-Axia
  • Airflow
  • Duco
  • Xpelair
  • Nuaire
  • Caladair
  • Vortice
  • Quiet-Vent
  • Blauberg

MVHR Controls

A MVHR system can be designed to run fully automatically using humidity sensors or can be controlled from wired switches to fully interactive application.

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Heat Recovery Filters

Heat recovery units require filters to ensure that the air is clean and filtered before entering rooms via the supply valves. Heat Recovery filters come in a range of sizes and grades. Check out or website to see the range of filters available for each individual unit. We recommend that filters are cleaned or replaced around every 6 to 12 months to ensure the best air quality.

Heat recovery filters work by filtering harmful particles that may enter your home from the air outside. Filters stop particles such as pollen, dust and harm particles such as PM 2.5 from entering your home. PM 2.5 particles are very small can be harmful to your health, they are so small that they can travel into your lungs and cause respiratory problems.

Seasonal Bypassing

At certain times of the year it’s logical to bypass the heat exchanger and an example would be if the indoor temperature increases to above normal levels due to solar gain that the incoming air is not heated but brings in filtered air from outside to lower the indoor temperature

Air Changes Per Hour (ACH)

Building Regulations require about one air change every 2 hours hour UK = (0.3ACH), Scotland requires (0.5ACH) per hour,

With traditional extract only, ventilation this means that that you would need warm a house full of cold air 12 times per day. And if you used a heat recovery system you could save up to 90% of this normally wasted heat.

Installation of a Heat Recovery System

You can purchase our DIY heat recovery kits online; these kits contain everything you will need to install your full heat recovery system. We also have a large network of trusted installers throughout the UK and Ireland, you can fill in our quick contact installation form online.

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