Let’s face it vacuuming is not something that most people enjoy doing. Often vacuum cleaners are noisy, heavy, awkward to use and can have an unpleasant smell. At BPC we supply Sachvac Central Vacuums which are the most technically advanced vacuum systems available.

A central vacuum system is up to five times more powerful than a conventional portable vacuum. With a central vacuum system, it will not be necessary to buy a new vacuum cleaner every few years. Our Sachvac systems are incredibly durable and come with a 5-year warranty. A central vacuum system is an investment for your home and do not usually require maintenance for up to 10 years.

Central Vacuum Systems can reduce up to 60% of airborne dust!

A central vacuum system can help reduce the risk of allergies caused by dust and irritants in the home. The average house collects around 40 pounds of dust per year, by using a central vacuum system you can reduce up to 60% of airborne dust and pollen within your home.

You won’t have to listen to the usual complaints from family members that they can’t hear the television or talk on their phone when you vacuum as a central vacuum system is incredibly quiet. The unit is normally located in the garage or utility area away from the main living area and operated by a switch on the handle. No longer will you hear complaints from your family when you vacuum.

The true joy of a central vacuum system is in the lightweight hose which you easily insert to an inlet point. Using a central vacuum system means that will you will not have to have to trail around the house a cumbersome conventional model. You also will not have to struggle to get to all those hard to reach places as a central vacuum system comes with a range of accessories.

If you are a pet owner, you find yourself vacuuming a lot and you may wonder how effective your vacuum really is. Pet hair can be difficult to remove, the average portable vacuum may struggle to lift it from carpets and rugs. A central vacuum is very effective at removing pet hair from floors and surfaces. Many home owners may not be aware of a central vacuum system and the huge benefits they offer. There are specific pet hair attachments for a central vacuum system for example the pet hair vacuum kit allows you to groom your pets while also vacuuming up the hair!

What is a central vacuum system?

A central vacuum system is a an internal built in vacuum system. The system is normally made up of three main elements:

1 – a central vacuum unit, this is usually placed in a garage, utility or basement space away from main living areas

2 – a concealed range of pipes, these run through walls in your home to connect the unit to the inlet valves

3 – a hose and set of cleaning tools and connections for all areas and surfaces in your home. Central vacuum hoses come in a variety of lengths and options, they are available both singularly or in kits!

What are the benefits of a central vacuum system?

A central vacuum system can provide great benefits including:

- Providing a better indoor air quality
- Cleaner, healthier home
- A quiet system
- Durable
- No dust bags
- Light weight
- Not having to carry unit about
- No plugs and leads

These are only some of the benefits of a central vacuum system, there are many more benefits such as how the system reduces the amount of dust and dirt in your not home, not only by vacuuming it up but by also not letting it recirculate round your home like a conventional vacuum cleaner will.

With a central vacuum system, no blockages in your system would occur. Each inlet valve is fitted with a sharp 90-degree bend which acts an anti-blocking device, working similarly to the U-bend under a sink. Also, to further prevent any blockages the wand and hose are narrower than the pipe work which ensures that only debris that is smaller than that pipework will be entering the system.

Hide a Hose Central Vacuum System

The perfect solution for quick and easy cleaning!

The Sachvac hide a hose system solves the problem of having to store and carry the vacuum hose to each inlet point. Instead of having one hose that you move to each point as you use it, each inlet has its own separate hose which is installed inside the wall. You can store up to 50 feet of house at one inlet valve, this can cover up to 2300 square feet of vacuuming space.

To use a hide a hose system, you simply pull out the amount of hose required, connect your hose handle and preferred cleaning tool and you can vacuum with ease. When finished vacuuming, you simply detach the hose handle and cleaning tool, and the suction from the vacuum unit will retract the hose into the ductwork system built into the wall.

How can we help you with your central vacuum system?

By sending us your house plans we can provide an estimate for your central vacuum system. We have a team of in-house cad designers who can design your system for you, a detailed plan will outline where to place your unit, duct runs and valves. Our plan service also guarantees that you will receive the correct units and materials required for the correct specification and size of home that it will be installed in.

Let us design your system for you!

We stock a range of central vacuum units from leading manufacturer Sachvac. These top-quality units include the dynamic, digital and eco central vacuum units.

With our central vacuum systems quality will never be compromised, all our fittings are supplied from Sachvac and are guaranteed to fit in our central vacuum systems, they are also compatible with most other central vacuum systems.

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