Zehnder heat recovery units are suitable for applications including new, old and renovation builds. Zehnder ComfoAir unit range provide an ideal indoor air quality with good energy efficiency. This range of units work to provide comfortable indoor air solutions with features such as summer bypass, good heat recovery efficiency and integrated humidity sensor. These units are one of our premium range units with larger costs, check out our full range as we have units to suit all budget and applications!

Zehnder is a subsidiary of the Zehnder Group in Switzerland. The Zehnder group has representatives world-wide and is the European market leader in the construction of special design. The company has been around for over 120 years and began working with bicycles and typewriters to radiators and more recently comfort ventilation systems. The company continues to develop new and successful products. With their products, Zehnder wants to produce a warm, comfort and healthy indoor atmosphere.

ComfoAir Features

This range of units are suitable for new and old buildings, suitable for use for passive houses and houses meeting nZEB regulations and suitable for a range of house sizes.

These units feature innovative air volume balancing which ensures maximum heat recovery efficiency. The innovative flow control technology automatically ensures a balanced air supply and balance extract volumes. This makes commissioning quick and simple with the introduction of ‘dial a duty’ on site where you can simply set the airflow rate that you require. For example, if you wanted to extract at 15l/s, you would enter this, and the unit would automatically set the optimal running speed.

Heat Exchanger

- Zehnder units feature a unique diamond shaped heat exchanger has a larger surface compared to other models of heat recovery units. This larger surface creates a higher level of efficiency. The heat exchanger features variable channel heights that ensure a contact flow and lower pressure loss which means less energy is required to overcome air resistances.


- Zehnder ComfoAir units are fitted with state-of-the-art fan technology. The fans are quiet and energy saving due to the flow grid, scroll house and impeller which ensures the best possible air flow. These fans not only have low noise levels, but also feature low power consumption.

Air Volume Balancing

- Zehnder’s new and patented innovative sensor automatically balances supply and extract air volumes. Flow control maximises heat recovery and will save commissioning time as there is no need to adjust the speed manually as this happens automatically.

Temperature Control

- The preheater adapts its operation by taking into consideration temperature, airflow and humidity to ensure consistent air supply temperature into your home. Pressure loss is negligible which reduces power consumption due to its large surface and delta shape.

You might be wondering how loud a Zehnder unit is? We understand that it is not worth installing a unit that will provide fresh, clean air if it is loud running. With Zehnder units this is not a problem, the innovative units are fitted with quiet fans. These quiet fans mean that the unit is practically silent. Along with low noise, the flow grid, scroll house and RadiCal impeller ensure good air flow with low energy consumption.

Unit Control 

Zehnder heat recovery units can be controlled with a wide variety of tools. Control options include unit display panel, ComfoSense C control panel, ComfoSwitch C control panel, Smart phone & tablet application control and well was web browser control. You can also add additions that include humidity sensors, Co2 sensors, RFZ timer and RF timer.

The display is the simplest of all the control options, it is always available as it is integrated directly into the ventilation unit. It can be used to commission, programme and maintain Zehnder ComfoAir units. The control panel features a standard menu with an additional advanced menu with an installation engineer menu and additional functions.


With a Zehnder unit, and all other makes of MVHR units, it is important to keep your system clean and well maintained. It is recommended to clean or change filters as necessary. But something that is often over looks is cleaning the heat exchanger. Zehnder units have a build in Microban® antimicrobial technology that prevents baster and microbe growth. Even with Microban is it still worth the occasional clean, Zehnder suggests cleaning your heat exchanger every ten years. To clean the heat exchanger is very easy, simply disconnect from the mains and then remove the heat exchanger from the unit. It can be washed and left to drip dry as long as the outdoor temperature is above 0°C. The units EC fans are maintenance free.

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Units Available at BPC  zehnder comfoair unit

Zehnder units are available as a standard model or with a preheater. The preheater adapts its operation by taking into consideration temperature, airflow and humidity which creates a consistent supply air temperature. This intelligent temperature control enhances the unit’s energy efficiency.

This units can only be wall mounted via a unit with brackets, the unit can also be floor mounted, but this is not as common.

Filters are in accordance with ISO 16890 air filters standard. The units G4 and F7 filters will provide a dust free indoor air quality and provide you with the maximum hygiene via your ventilation system.

At BPC we have the ComfoAir Q 350, 450 and 600 sized units. Zehnder ComfoAir 350 models are suitable for house sizes up to 160m2, 450 models are suitable for house sizes up to 180m2 and 600 models are available for house sizes up to 230m2.

You can choose between left or right-hand configuration; this provides installation flexibility and you can choose what orientation suits you best! Check out the range here. 

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