Ducting Solutions

Ducting Solutions for Home Ventilation Systems

radial system

A ventilation system is only as good as the ducting used.

BPC Ventilation supply the most comprehensive range of quality ventilation and duct solutions and we can design a system to suit any type of property.

There are two types of ducting solutions: The Radial System or the Branched System

Radial Semi Rigid Ducting:

Radial ducting is the latest innovation on ventilation systems and can provide a quieter and more efficient ventilation system compared to rigid ductwork.

Radial Ducting is a system of smooth bore pipes which are crushproof, semi flexible with zero air loss. The pipes have an anti-static and antibacterial lining which individually connects each room to a manifold and are available in both circular (75mm or 90mm) and oval (51mmx114mm) fittings. Radial ducting is suitable for any type of property; including timber framed houses, passive house approval homes and can be used in areas with limited access.


  • Zero air leakage ductwork (pipe ends are mechanically fitted with rubber seals)
  • Low air resistance
  • 50 percent faster installation rate than traditional branch systems (PVC/metal)
  • No crosstalk between rooms (Quieter)
  • Smaller pipework than tradtional branch systems
  • No sealants required
  • Hygienic smooth inner surface
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean
  • supplied in 50m coils
  • crushproof up to 16 Kn/m
  • SAP appendix Q recognised
  • Up to 85% less connections than traditional Rigid Ductwork
  • Suitable for DIY installation
  • Installation recommended below loft insulation to improve heat retention compared to older systems

Do not confuse this ducting with flexible or semi rigid aluminium ducting.

Branched System with the use of rigid PVC or galvanised metal

Branched Ducting: 

Rigid/branched ducting is commonly used and is a cost-effective ductwork solution on ventilation systems.

Branched Ducting a system of round or flat PVC or EPE rigid ductwork which are typically 150mm or 125mm which branch out with T-pieces into various rooms. PVC Rigid ductwork has been used for over 50 years in domestic installations.


  • Available from 100mm to 300mm diameters
  • Cost efficient
  • Excellent air flow rates
  • PVC range suitable for DIY installations
  • Suitable for exposed locations
  • SAP appendix Q listed
  • Can be commercially cleaned
  • Galvanised metal suitable for traditional systems
  • Installation above the loft insulation and insulated separately is recommended
  • Galvanised metal has high crushability
  • PVC rectangular range available for areas of limited height.

There are a couple of pipes to choose from with the branched system: Round PVC Pipe and Flat PVC Pipe.

Round PVC Piping (100mm, 125mm or 150mm)

PVC ducting

The most traditional form of ducting pipe and has excellent airflow with minimum pressure loss

Flat PVC Piping (204mm x 60mm or 220mm x 90mm)

PVC rectangular ducting

Used between studwork walls and below concrete ceilings to allow for ceiling heights to be maintained.

Thermal Ducting:

Thermal ducting is commonly used within the Radial Duct System and is constructed of EPP foam which provides a quality air supply with a high thermal resistance.


  • Easy to install with a simple pushfit
  • No need for extra Rockwood or foil wrapping
  • No requirement for additional clamping
  • Very low leakage
  • Full range including round and rectangular solution

There are two types of thermal piping including Round EPE Foam Pipe and Flat EPE Foam Pipe.

Round EPE Foam Pipe (125mm and 160mm)

round thermal ducting

Flat EPE Foam Pipe (220mm x 90mm)

thermal rectangular ducting

Ducting Accessories:

BPC Ventilation also provide a couple of accessories for your ducting needs including insulated flexible ducting and thermal insulation with a silver foil face.

Flexible Ducting:

insulated flexible ducting

Ranging from 100mm to 200mm insulated flexible ducting is used for light duct applications and is available in various types (not recommended or approved for installation on new houses)

  • Insulated Aluminium - 25mm foil faced insulation with a aluminium core, used for numerous types of ventilation systems including MEV units and extractor fans in cold areas
  • Insulated Acoustic aluminium - 25mm foil faced insulation with a perforated inner core, used as silencers to ventilation units and as treatment towards noise transfer between room
  • PVC - Not normally used in quality ventilation systems
  • Aluminium - Normally used for final connections between solid rigid ducting and air valves 
  • Combi - PVC coated aluminium for better durability, normally used for final connections between solid rigid ducting and air valves

Thermal Insulation:

foil backed insulation

Thermal insulation is commonly used to insulate pipes which are outside the heated enveloped (cold areas). All solid rigid ducting outside the heated envelope have to be insulated and there are two types of insulation.
Bubble Wrap - A cost efficient solution of air bubbles trapped between silver foil faces providing good reflective properties but poor thermal resistance (not recommend or approved for new builds).
25mm Ductwrap- The original insulation used in both domestic and commercial applications. With good thermal properties and sound attenuating the 25mm thermal wood insulation with a foil face is renowned as the best insulation available and is used in both domestic and industrial ventilation systems. This is an expensive option in both the product cost and the time taken to install but is a life time option.