Air Roxy D Rim 100/125mm Bathroom Fans


Bathroom fan with changeable front, dRim fans ware designed to tie in with all colours in your bathrooms. You can choose from glass panels in a variety of colours to tie in with your bathroom colour scheme.

These fans feature a 100mm spigot connection and our options include white, black and silver face plates. (125mm options are also available).

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Air Roxy D Rim Bathroom Fans

Product Part Number

100mm Air Roxy Fans

AirRoxy dRim Ø 100 S BB - Standard - dRim100-S

AirRoxy dRim Ø 100 TS BB - Timer - dRim100-TS

AirRoxy dRim Ø 100 HS BB - Humidity & Timer - dRim100-HS

AirRoxy dRim Ø 100 PS BB - Pull Cord - dRim100-PS

AirRoxy dRim Ø 100 RMS BB - Movement & Timer - dRim100-RMS

125mm Air Roxy Fans

AirRoxy dRim Ø 125 S BB - Standard - dRim125-S

AirRoxy dRim Ø 125 TS BB - Timer - dRim125-TS

AirRoxy dRim Ø 125 HS BB - Humidity & Timer - dRim125-HS

AirRoxy dRim Ø 125 PS BB - Pull Cord - dRim125-PS

AirRoxy dRim Ø 125 RMS BB - Movement & Timer - dRim125-RMS

Air Roxy Face Plates

AirRoxy dRim Gloss White face plate - dRim-Glass- White

AirRoxy dRim Gloss Black face plate - dRim-Glass- Black

AirRoxy dRim Satin Silver face plate - dRim-Glass- Silver



DRim fan range includes:

S - Standard

TS – Timer sensor

HS – humidity and timer

PS- Pull Cord

DTS - Delay Timer

RMS - Movement and Timer

Modulating construction

Using the modular construction and production unification, gives the flexibility in modifying the electronic controllers both with the direct or alternating current sensors and fan blades

Innovative solutions

Fans have blades with changeable paddle geometry. This gives a large airflow with low acoustic pressure. Fans also have a fan baffle which improves the airflow even more

High quality materials

The fan casing is made from the best quality ABS with antistatic additions and UV stabilisers, this prevents dust accumulation and helps keep the colour. Any active elements that are exposed to temperatures and made from polycarbonate which makes usage safer and prolongs the operation like of the fan. The fans feature silico seals and a casing which ensures that the fans are waterproof.

High performance

Air Roxy dRim fans are tested with three measurements methods, this gives the most precise results. Due to high quality construction they feature high performance with low noise levels.

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