Caladair Commercial Hexamotion Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit


Caladair Commercial Hexamotion Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit
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Flow Rates and Configuration

Hexamotion Configuration Caladair Hexamotion configuration


hexamotion 05Hexamotion 08

Hexamotion 15 Hexamotion 20

Hexamotion 27Hexamotion 35

Hexamotion 45 Hexamotion 60

Hexamotion 80


Caladair Commercial Hexamotion Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit

Please Note – These units are built to order
For a lead time on these Caladair Hexamotion Commercial Units please contact our sales team on 028 2827 5150

Hexamotion are self-regulating and highly efficient heat recovery ventilation units. They are compact units with a high performance providing up to 80% heat recovery and air flow rates of 100-8000 m3/h across the range of 9 different units.

Hexamotion heat recovery units are part of the Caladair Econological solution programme and are manufactured to improve indoor air quality. Hexamotion heat recovery units are monobloc compact with lateral connection, plug & play and communicating heat recovery ventilation unit.

Key Features

  • Airflow rates from 100 to 8000 m3/h
  • Heat recovery efficiency up to 80%
  • Self-regulating plug & play
  • Air filtration, temperature control and climate comfort
  • Multilingual communication
  • High-performance variable speed rotary heat exchanger
  • Suitable for office and industrial applications
  • Low noise level for better acoustic comfort
  • Cold recovery
  • Heat recovery
  • Night time cooling


Model Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
05 1215 675 805
08 1345 805 925
15 1500 805 925
20 1525 885 1005
27 1730 975 1205
35 1730 1140 1205
45 1860 1265 1495
60 2050 1465 1495
80 2260 1545 1645


Hexamotion units are available in 5 different regulation programmes, all available with right or left access depending on airflow direction.

Season: Designed for temperate climate zones, Season Hexamotion provides air renewal with efficient energy recovery, summer/winter operating of the rotary heat exchanger wheel and adjustable flow rates by potentiometer.

First: Self-regulation unit for temperate climates, with active temperature management for optimal energy consumption and thermal comfort.

Premium Co: FIRST features, but also equipped with a changeover water coil for low outdoor temperatures down to -20°C.

Premium DXR: FIRST features also with a changeover R410A coil for low outdoor temperatures down to -20°C.

Premium BE: FIRST features and also equipped with an electric heater for low outdoor temperatures down to -20°C.


Hexamotion has 6 choices of flow rate modulation for optimised energy consumption

SEASON: Adjustment of each fan rotation speed by potentiometers mounted and connected in the control system board.

For versions FIRST and PREMIUM, the EASY regulation can control the fans in the following modes:

Eco: Fans speed adjustment via 2 airflow settings (LS-HS) in the EASY regulation.

Lobby®: Airflow rate modulation with CONSTANT PRESSURE mode, adjustable for each fan.

Diva®: Proportional modulation of each fan airflow depending on the CO2 rate. Sensor integrated in the exhaust air inlet.

Mac2®: Modulation in constant airflow for each fan (LS and HS) (except sizes 05 and 08). Pressure transmitters integrated inside the unit.

Quattro®: Proportional modulation in constant airflow for each fan depending on the CO2 rate (except sizes 05 and 08). Pressure transmitters and CO2 sensor (exhaust air inlet) integrated in the unit. Setting of the LS, the HS and the CO2 minimum rate (ppm) adjustable on site directly on the easy regulation.

LCD controller functions:

  • Airflow
  • Temperature control
  • Timer commissioning
  • Battery
  • Night over ventilation
  • Local controls
  • Default readings


Hexamotion units as standard include highly efficient F7 opacimetric filters for both the fresh air and exhaust air. Filters are mounted on slides for easy replacement and are fitted with draught-proof sealing ensuring efficient airtightness. Additional filters for the supply air are an optional extra.


  • Constructed of 10/10e outdoor panels
  • Insulated with 50mm high density M0 A1 mineral wool
  • External panels are painted with RAL 7035 with a protective film
  • Internal panels constructed of galvanised steel
  • Circular connectors with lip seals for airtightness guarantee
  • Access by doors mounted on hinges for easy maintenance

Heat Exchanger

Caladair Hexamotion units feature highly efficiency aluminium rotary heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is situated in a rigid frame mounted on a slide rack for easy removal and maintenance.

The heat exchanger provides heat recovery efficiency high than 80%. It has a variable speed that enables improvement especially during midseason.


Hexamotion units are equipped with low energy consumption motors, each unit features 2 EC motors.


Hexamotion units can be installed both indoors or outdoors. Hexamotion units have a compact design with a small footprint. Duct connections are situated on the side of the unit with double lip circular connectors for an airtight, quick and cost-effective installation with no adapters required.

Top panel integrating a rooftop for indoor and outdoor installation as standard.

Insulation of Ductwork

We recommend you use Metal Spiral ducting and fittings due to superior strength.

To provide the best performance in airtightness and durability we recommend You provide greater mechanical strength to a joint by using self-sealing fittings or a combination of Ducting Sealant and Aluminium Duct Sealing Tape.

  1. Apply Duct Sealant to the male fitting
  2. Push together
  3. Apply Aluminium Duct Sealing Tape over joint

It is important that any ducting located in a cold area (e.g. loft space) to be insulated. The insulation needs to be the equivalent of 25mm thick and have a thermal conductivity of 0.04W/(m.k) or less.

This ensures that condensation doesn’t form due to the difference in air temperature inside the duct when compared to the air temperature in the cold space.

If you don’t have a loft space there is still a need for insulated ducting on the intake and exhaust legs, as they will be carrying cold air in a warm space. The level of insulation can be achieved by wrapping PVC duct in a layer of 25mm duct wrap that has a silver foil face on a 25mm rockwool

It is also worth noting that foil wrap with air bubbles (bubble wrap) is no longer applicable in building control regulations.


Hexamotion models are compatible with a range of ducting systems. A full range of controls, sensors, silencers and valves/diffusers are also available to complete installation of your ventilation system.


2-year parts guarantee.



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