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Airflow Commercial Heat Recovery

Airflow Duplexvent Commercial Heat Recovery units are designed for saving energy and improving air quality. These units provide ventilation with heat recovery for commercial and industrial areas.

Airflow have installed Duplexvent commercial units in many projects including the John Radcliffe Hospital, The John Lennon building, Oxford University and the Spotify Floors in the Adelphi Building.

The range of commercial units from Airflow include:

Susurro – Single room commercial unit suitable for applications such as classrooms, offices and open spaces. These units reduce energy consumption while also improving indoor air quality. The range features 3 sizes with 2 different models and nominal flow rates up to 283 l/s (1018 m3/h).

Duplexvent Flexi – centralised commercial heat recovery unit range with flow rates up to 1484 l/s (5342 m3/h) at 200 Pa. These units are available in a range of sizes and configurations, suitable for commercial and industrial specifications. Duplexvent Flexi range are Passive House certified.

Duplexvent Multi Eco – a very versatile side entry unit and customisable to project specification. These units provide a flow rate up to 3083 l/s (11100m3/h) at 200 Pa.

Duplexvent Multi Eco V – indoor top entry unit with flow rates up to 3083 l/s (111000 m3/h) at 200 Pa. Designed for commercial and industrial applications and these units are customisable to project specification.

Duplexvent Multi Eco Roof – this units are suitable for roof top installation on building where the inside space is minimal. The range features 8-unit sizes with flow rates up to 3083 l/s (11000 m3/h) at 200 Pa.

Duplexvent Rotary - range of 7 indoor rotary wheel heat exchanger units, With maximum flow rates of 4444 l/s (16000 m3/h) at 200 Pa.

Duplexvent Rotary Roof – rotary heat exchanger unit suitable for outdoor roof top installation. Range of 7 unit with maximum air flow rates of 4000 l/s (14400 m3/h).

Commercial MVHR Units

Commercial MVHR units, like their residential counterparts, also utilise a summer bypass facility. Airflow’s commercial MVHR units utilise an automatic 100% bypass facility. This means that the heat exchanger is totally isolated when the indoor air temperature is too high, and the outside temperature is lower than the temperature in the room; thereby preventing unnecessary heat recovery taking place and minimising the risk of overheating within the building.

Benefits of Commercial MVHR

• Lowers Co2 levels

• Provides thermal comfort

• Provides fresh and filtered air into buildings

• Extracts stale air

• Recovers heat, creating savings on heating bills

• Reduces the risk of indoor pollutants entering buildings

• Controllable air flows

• Filters allow no pollen or harmful particles to enter rooms

• Continuous fresh air is supplied, reducing airborne bacteria and germs

• Prevents mould and condensation

• Recovers normally lost heat during cold days

How Does it Work?

Heat recovery units are supply and extract systems delivering filtered fresh air into a building whilst extracting stale stagnant air from the interior. 


In-House Design

Our in-house CAD designers and technical experts that can provide a bespoke design and consultation service showing a range of unit options duct sizes, layout and flow rates. 

Due to cost, this service is only available to small commercial systems and not for large commercial or public buildings where a consultant should be employed detailing the specification required.

Send us a set of plans and we will provide a free quotation with ventilation options directly tailored to your project!

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