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Commercial DIY Heat Recovery

Commercial DIY Heat Recovery

BPC Ventilation have a large range of commercial heat recovery and ventilation systems suitable for easy installation by any tradesperson with basic knowledge or previous experience in ventilation installation.

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Our Commercial MVHR units are used in all kinds of application, from offices and hair salons to schools, shops, hotels, hospitals, public rooms and retail establishments

  • Horizontal floor or ceiling mounted units - the most popular units that are normally installed in the ceiling void
  • Vertical floor or wall mounted units - ideal for plant rooms and store rooms
  • Counterflow plate heat exchanger -the most popular on small commercial heat recovery systems as airstreams do not mix and low energy consumption
  • Rotary wheel heat exchanger - the most popular on larger commercial heat recovery systems due to high floor rates with low Pa resistance


The indoor climate is of the utmost importance in work places as most of us spend the greater part of our working lives indoors.

"To ensure comfort and a sense of well-being, the air we breathe must be clean, at the right temperature and right humidity levels."

Whatever the situation, Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) solutions can play a significant role because they help create a healthier living and working environment, while contributing to the reduction of a building's carbon emissions and energy usage.

Heat recovery systems are very popular with school classrooms and offices by keeping Co2 levels below 1000 and filtering the air to below PM2.5 providing the ideal environment for optimal concentration and awareness.

Benefits of Commercial Heat Recovery:

  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Co2 levels kept down reducing fatigue and tiredness
  • Prevents mould and condensation
  • Recovery of normally lost heat during cold days
  • Controlled circulation of filtered outdoor air during warm days
  • All air is filtered reducing contaminants and pollen levels
  • Continuous fresh air reducing airborne bacteria and germs

How does it work?

Heat recovery units are supply and extract systems delivering filtered fresh air into a building whilst extracting stale stagnant air from the interior.  Each unit will have a heat recovery element (either a thermal wheel or counter-flow plate heat exchanger that can transfer the heat that would otherwise be lost into the incoming air flow.

Types of units

Plate heat exchangers are up to 95% efficient and due to their low profile are ideal for application in ceiling voids or where space is at a premium.

Thermal wheels are 70-90% efficient and are often used on larger duties like swimming pools and factories where replacing heat losses can be expensive. 

Run-around coil exchangers are used when you need to extract the heat from an exhaust airstream which may be dirty or contaminated, such as extract from a commercial kitchen. In this instance the run-around coil uses water in the exhaust airstream coil to absorb exhaust heat energy which is then pumped to a coil positioned in the supply airstream where heat is transferred.

When needed, a commercial heat recovery system can be adapted to incorporate cooling, heating, additional filtration and sophisticated control packages. 

Technical Support

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Our in-house Technical Team can assist with helping you choose the right commercial MVHR system for you. Thank you for choosing BPC Ventilation.

Design and Specification

BPC can help design and specify a heat recovery system on small and medium sized projects, on large or complex systems we can work with your consultant and technical designer to choose a suitable system that fits within your budget.   


In most cases some form of heat recovery systems can be retrofitted but as with domestic MVHR systems there are several issues to consider before considering a heat recovery system.

  • Is their space on the premises for a commercial heat recovery system? That’s not just for the ventilation unit but the ducting that must connect each of the rooms in the building.
  • Is the new system simply replacing the old one or does a whole new infrastructure need to be installed?
  • Can you integrate the new heat recovery unit with your existing systems?
  • Cost- In most cases it is less expensive to install when the building is being built or renovated

*All agreed commercial systems include a free design service showing duct sizes and runs, due to cost etc. this service is only available to small commercial systems and not for large commercial or public buildings where a consultant should be employed detailing the specification required.

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